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Real Estate Schools in Los Angeles

Located in southern California, Los Angeles is the most populous city in California. It is known for its diverse economy with prominent sectors including international trade, entertainment, science, information technology and education. Students who are interested in pursuing a higher education in the city can find a number of programs to choose from. Los Angeles has numerous schools that offer degree and certificate programs in almost all areas of study including real estate. Getting into real estate programs in the city can be a suitable option for students who wish to become a part of the real estate industry as brokers, managers or sales agents.

Real estate schools in Los Angeles

A variety of real estate classes are offered in the city, better preparing students to apply for positions related to sales, brokerage management, and escrow. Students explore various aspects of the field and acquire communication and negotiation skills as well that are essential for real estate agents and brokers. Students may enroll in the associate degree in real estate that typically takes two years to complete or the certificate programs that generally span over six months to one year.

Short courses are also available that may help students obtain real estate license. Some of the courses students may choose to pursue are:

  • California real estate practice
  • California real estate principles
  • Real estate finance

Some online schools in Los Angeles also offer programs in real estate, allowing students to study at the time of their choice. To participate in the online programs, students need to have a reliable internet connection, and a computer. Online real estate courses in Los Angeles can particularly be suitable for working professionals who wish to improve their skills by acquiring additional credentials as well as students who live in remote locations and cannot attend campus-based programs.

What courses may you study?

Real estate programs in Los Angeles give students an opportunity to explore numerous subjects that would help them learn real estate accounting, sales and types. Some of the courses students may study are:

  • Finance
  • Appraisal and escrow procedures
  • Real estate principles and practices
  • Legal aspects

Students may also receive instruction in techniques and practices for property appraisal.

Career outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of real estate brokers and sales agents as well as real estate appraisers is expected to grow between 2012 and 2022. The state of California, including Los Angeles, had about 26,100 real estate agents and 7,700 real estate appraisers in 2012, as per the data with O*NET OnLine.

Potential workplace settings for real estate professionals are:

  • Offices of real estate agents and brokers
  • Activities related to real estate
  • Local governments
  • Credit intermediation and related activities
  • State governments

Online real estate courses are gaining popularity among Angelenos due to their quality and flexibility.

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