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Nursing Schools in Arkansas


The healthcare sector in Arkansas, like the rest of the country, has a high demand for nursing professionals. The demand stems from the fact that the healthcare sector all over the United States is expanding. There are a number of universities and community colleges that offer nursing programs for prospective RNs as well as LPNs. The state has educational institutes and organizations that offer a variety of scholarships to nursing students. Nurses in rural areas who want to pursue an RN degree are assisted by the Arkansas Rural Nursing Education Consortium. Hence, the state of Arkansas provides sufficient opportunities for aspiring nursing professionals.

Nursing degree Programs in Arkansas

Universities, vocational and technical training schools, and community colleges in Arkansas offer a wide range of nursing programs which can be broadly categorized into the following categories:

Entry Level Nursing Programs

These programs are designed to provide candidates with the basic knowledge of nursing practice. However, the depth of knowledge imparted and practical training acquired greatly varies across these programs. Some of the entry-level nursing programs offered in Arkansas are:

  • LPN/LVN Programs
  • Diploma/Associate Degree Nursing Programs
  • Four-year BSN Programs
  • Second Degree BSN Programs
  • Direct MSN Programs

Bridge Programs for Nurses

Bridge programs provide already practicing LPNs and RNs to enroll in accelerated programs which can enhance their knowledge in the field and equip them with the necessary skills and know-how to further their career. The most popular programs offered are:

  • LPN to RN  Programs
  • RN to BSN Programs

Graduate Level Nursing Programs

Graduate programs are designed to provide comprehensive science-based knowledge to candidates already in the field of nursing, aiming to enable them to apply that knowledge in their practice. These programs are offered both online and on-campus, giving candidates the option to pursue further education while working. The major graduate programs offered are:

  • MSN Programs
  • DNP and PhD in Nursing Programs
  • Nurse Practitioner Programs

Job Outlook and Salaries

With more and more being covered by medical insurance, the healthcare sector in Arkansas is growing. Nursing school graduates may have a number of challenging opportunities at their disposal. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics the following are the ranges of annual mean salaries for nursing professionals in Arkansas in May 2013:

  • LPNs and LVNs: $21,400-$37,880
  • RNs: $32,800-$56,920

The salary figures mentioned can vary from region to region depending on the kind of healthcare facility, and also from individual to individual depending upon the amount of experience and educational qualification. It is important to note that the range of salaries may fluctuate with the employer and the region. Nursing professionals working in large metropolitan areas have a better chance at higher compensations as compared to their colleagues in rural areas. This is due to the cost of living and opportunities available. 


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