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Colleges in Arkansas happen to offer some of the best business and management related educational programs in the country. Located in the south eastern region of the United States, Arkansas is home to some of the nation's biggest businesses. These include big names like Tyson foods and Walmart. Considering the fact that the state's economy is largely reliant on these corporate giants, it is only natural that core educational interest of many local students would be in business and management. Keeping this in mind many schools and colleges have designed their degree programs to facilitate student needs in business education.

Study Modes Available

Many of the schools located in Arkansas offer students with a number of study options. While majority offer traditional full time campus based programs, there are many that offer flexible programs as well. Students can also enroll in online degree programs, which allow students to study from the comfort of their homes. Courses of this nature are ideal for students who may otherwise be unable to pursue further education based on a number of reasons. Online and distant learning programs allow flexible, quality education sources to students.

Business and Management Schools

Arkansas is home to some of the nation's prestigious business schools. Students at elementary academic levels can choose from amongst a variety of associate degree programs. Schools offer associate programs in business administration and office management. Project management and similar programs are also made available. Fast Track and traditional business administration degree programs are amongst the most commonly sought educational programs in the state. Degrees with focus towards, legal, finance, human resources, marketing and client services can also be studied under business administration programs. Admission into most of the business schools require students to take and clear entry tests and interviews.

Technical and Art Schools The state also boasts a number of art and design schools. Students seeking elementary as well as advanced level degrees in art and design can choose from amongst a variety of programs. Traditional art as well as graphic design programs allow students to acquire diverse skills, necessary for pursuing careers as creative designers and graphic design experts. Schools that offer technical and vocational training also allow students to develop diverse vocational skills, in keeping with locally accessible and in-demand jobs.

Other than the state's popular programs, students seeking educational programs in Information Technology, Legal, Dental, Medical and Trade can also easily find suitable options. Programs in these disciplines range from Associates to Masters degrees.

Occupational Outlook for Arkansas

Students who complete business degree programs from Colleges in Arkansas may be able to secure suitable jobs as business and management professionals. In a report issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between the year 2012 and 2022 career prospects for business and management professionals were to increase by 12%. The Bureau of Labor Statistics further reported that in May 2012 management and business professionals in Arkansas earned a mean annual wage of $ 85,960.

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