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Bachelor in Theology

A degree in theology may help students pursue a number of challenging yet rewarding careers. These programs help students acquire leadership, communication and problem-solving skills in addition to knowledge about religious faith and practice. Both traditional and online schools offer degrees in theology. Graduates generally choose to become pastors, ministers or teachers. Students who have religious or spiritual inclinations can enroll in theology programs and learn about religious traditions and the role religion plays in society.

Theology Programs

Students interested in theology may work towards an associate, bachelors or masters degree. They can choose an area of focus within this field such as pastoral counseling, personal divinity or biblical studies. The associate degree may take 2 years to complete while the bachelor in theology is a 4 year degree. The undergraduate degree program provides foundational education in Christian principles and religious history. Students learn about complex religious issues and practical applications of theological concepts. Church History, ethics and Biblical language are some of the courses student can take with these programs.

The master' degree may take 1-2 years to complete. The program duration may vary with the enrollment status of the students. There are various topics students may study in the theology programs. Some of the courses they can pursue are medieval religion and culture, American Catholicism, and modern religion and culture.

Certificate Theology

In addition to degree programs, students also offer certificates in theology. These programs can help students who already hold a degree in this area of study build upon their knowledge that may help them qualify for senior level positions. A certificate stands as a substantiation of the expertise of the candidate in religious studies that may be useful in career advancement. Students may cover courses in biblical, doctrinal, historical and/or pastoral studies.

Online Theology Programs

Distance learning schools also offer theology degree programs. These programs can be suitable for working adults as well as stay-at-home parents who want to study religion but cannot make it to traditional classes due to their schedules. Students in these programs are not required to stick to a particular learning schedule. In fact, they can study at timings that may suit their individual routine.

Admissions Requirements

A high school diploma or equivalent is required to enroll in a theology program. In addition, students may also be required to appear for interview and submit recommendation letters. Other factors for admissions may vary with the institute.

Employment Opportunities

Students with degrees in theology may find jobs as teachers in schools, colleges or universities or choose to become a ministers or pastors and provide religious guidance. Some graduates also go on to become researchers. Income depends on several factors such as job type, location and experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of postsecondary teachers in 2012 was $64,990.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What can you do with a theology bachelor degree?

A:A bachelors in theology would help you explore the beliefs, practices, values and doctrines of different religions and belief systems around the world. With this educational qualification, you could find employment as a further education lecturer, higher education lecturer, primary school teacher, secondary school teacher, charity officer, archivist, advice worker or an editorial assistant.

Q:What sort of courses are taught in online catholic theology degree programs?

A:Online catholic theology degree programs teach a variety of different sorts of courses relevant to religion. This includes courses such as salvation history, where you would be given an opportunity to understand the unity of God's plan of salvation. The creed, trinity, Christ and the Church, Evangelicalism of the ancient world, Jesus and the Gospels, mystagogy and moral and spiritual theology are some of the courses taught as part of this degree.

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