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Bachelor in Ministry

What is a Bachelor in Ministry?

This undergraduate degree is offered in select universities and colleges across the United States. The degree is used to develop skills which allow students to become a member of the church – as a pastor or missionary – or take up other clerical positions.

A heavy emphasis of this degree is placed on character development. Ministers in a church hold positions of respect and act as role models for the community. Hence, they must possess certain character traits in order to carry out their duties effectively. In addition to this, ministers must hold a strong grasp over biblical content.

What will I learn in a Bachelor in Ministry?

Over the course of four years, students in this program will cover a broad range of topics. They will start by improving their writing and public speaking skills. Following this, students will cover a history of the Old and New Testament respectively. Additional courses will help students appreciate Christian faith and reasoning on a comprehensive level, and learn how to apply it in different scenarios.

Becoming a minister is not just about mastering Biblical texts and delivering sermons. These individuals are also responsible for the upkeep of the church and act in a similar manner as managers of a store would. As a result, a bachelor in ministry also includes courses which help students in this area. They will learn how to handle any financial or legal issues which arise during their tenure.

Some schools also allow students to enroll and complete their degree online. These online offerings of courses are often cheaper than their campus-based counterparts, and allow a highly convenient platform to work through the material. Before enrolling in a course though, it is important to check if it has due accreditation.

Who can apply?

These programs are open to all students who have a valid high school diploma. Additional requirements vary based on the school you wish to apply to. Because of the unique nature of this degree, there are no required courses that students need to complete. However, having some background in writing-based courses may offer an advantage.

Future prospects

What can you do with a degree in ministry? There are several options available.

Some students choose to continue their studies in a seminary. Others may apply for ministerial positions at churches, or enter pastoral leadership programs. There is also great opportunity in the field of teen counseling and missionary services. Those who complete more advanced courses of study can also go into education, teaching and preparing more ministers during their time.

Job outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported the mean wage for clerical profession holders at $47,880 with the top 10 percent reported earning $77,290 in 2012. Surprisingly, general medical and surgical hospitals were the second largest employer of individuals with clerical experience after religious organizations themselves.

Whether you choose to enter academia or become a formal minister, a bachelor's degree in ministry can help you gain the skills you need.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the options of religious studies jobs with bachelor degree?

A:This degree would teach students about the cultural and historic effects of religion on various societies over the course of time. There are several career paths you can take with a religious studies degree. With a bachelors degree in religious studies, you could go on to become a news analyst, where you would assist journalists in explaining the religious background of current events. You could also become a missionary, though it does not require a bachelors degree.

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