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Bachelor in Christian Counseling

The primary aim of Christian counseling is to integrate biblical knowledge and psychological theories in order to better understand human beings and their relationships. A degree in career counseling will equip you with the skills of extending effective counseling to groups of people, families and couples. A prerequisite for enrolling in BA in Christian Counseling is the completion of high school or General Educational Development (GED). There are a number of institutes which would enable you to complete the degree online.

Structure of the Bachelor in Christian Counseling degree

Although the requirements vary depending upon the institute in which the student is enrolled in, the program is generally divided into several years or phases. Each year/phase requires a number of courses to be completed. Examples of some courses which you might take up include the following:

  • Christian Psychology and Counseling
  • Mastering Pastoral Counseling
  • Theology of Holiness
  • Methods of Christian Counseling of  Marriage & Family
  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Christian/Community Service
  • Methods of Christian Counseling of Children

It is important to note that the name and range of courses usually differ depending on the institute from which you are getting your degree.

In some institutes students might be required to complete a practicum in each year or phase. This usually involves administering an Arno Profile System (APS) to ten to fifteen people under the supervision of a clinical counselor. APS is a technique whereby questionnaires are distributed amongst counselees in order to determine their true needs, strengths and weaknesses. The responses are analyzed using a computerized system and enable the counselor to come up with an effective counseling method. Moreover some institutes need the students to complete a dissertation or undertake a professional internship in the last year of their degrees. The dissertation is normally in the form of reports prepared by students reflecting their experience with counselees based on the APS results. The internship on the other hand provides an opportunity for the students to work in a real supervised counseling setting.

What to do with a degree in Christian Counseling?

Once you are through with your bachelor degree in Christian Counseling, a number of career options are open for you. These include:

  • Family Therapist
  • Church Worker
  • Missionary
  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Lay Counselor
  • Chaplain

Alternatively after a bachelor degree in Christian Counseling you can further your studies and pursue a Masters in Christian Counseling.

Licensure Requirements

Once you’ve completed your degree you need to obtain a license in order to start practicing as a professional counselor. Every graduate has two options; either to obtain a state license or a Christian counseling certification. A state license will make you answerable to and liable to following all the specific state laws in the field of counseling and psychology. On the other hand a church certification will require you to strictly abide by the rules, beliefs and lifestyle practices of the particular church.

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