Healthcare Management MBA

Whether you wish to move into an administrative position at a hospital or are interested in establishing your own medical center, a healthcare management MBA degree program can prepare you for a variety of jobs. A number of specializations are available in the lucrative field of healthcare management.

Where is this program heading?
The Healthcare Management MBA program aims to educate students to become healthcare leaders who are equipped with the skills of management and medicine. The Healthcare Management MBA graduates are expected to take up leadership roles at healthcare organizations and contribute effectively in the well being of the community at large. The program is for everyone associated with this industry, whether it is health financing, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical devices or healthcare products. This intersection of business and healthcare empowers the students to make informed leadership decisions; promising progressive and innovative future.

Who can benefit from the healthcare management MBA degree program?
All those who are already involved in medicine, engineering or nursing can benefit from these degree programs. They can be healthcare professionals having significant work experience in that particular field or can also be fresh graduates with a strong background in sciences. To pursue a profession in medicine personality attributes usually patents higher order of success. The general eligibility criterion for these programs is a graduate degree in sciences with an exposure to liberal arts, business or economics. Such programs are usually structured to be completed in five academic years. The students complete a medical residency or clinical training at the end of the program.

This program covers the management fundamentals with a concentration on healthcare. The areas include healthcare finance, accounting, insurance, law, marketing, economics, statistics, strategic management and operations. It also takes care of healthcare sciences focusing on areas like physiology, psychology, anatomy, biochemistry and genetics. This intelligently integrated program gives a comprehensive insight into the workings of a healthcare organization and its Infrastructure.

The Healthcare management MBAprograms enable the students to develop and manage effective healthcare delivery system. It highlights the contemporary healthcare issues and decision models essential to be an accomplished healthcare manager. The program uses problem based learning approach; flexing the problem solving muscles of the students. It emphasizes on the identification, analysis and finding solution of the problems. The program exercises methods of refining communication, information sharing and high-order thinking.

Career Opportunities
This joint Healthcare Management MBA degree works perfectly for lower level and middle level management, who are suppose to bridge the gaps between business and healthcare operations. Future Healthcare administrators, entrepreneurs and policy makers can benefit from this program too. After completing this degree the individuals can be involved in cardinal ventures like medical research, hospital management, effective healthcare programs and entrepreneurial projects.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:The curriculum of Healthcare Management MBA degree program comprises of which important courses?

A:A Healthcare Management MBA degree program is a two year graduate degree. It is a dual subject program that provides students with knowledge of business administration and its application in healthcare settings. A few important topics studied in this program include accounting, finance, organizational management, marketing, operations management, human resource management, and more.

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