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Gerontology is the science subject that deals with the study of the social, mental as well as natural aspects of aging. It should not be confused with geriatrics, which is the branch of medicine that studies diseases in elder people. We have seen a growing interest in the field of Gerontology over the past few decades and Gerontologists are performing steady research to find answers to numerous psychological and physical results of old age. Gerontology is extensively exercised in hospitals, old homes, research centers and even corporations.

The core aspect of Top Gerontology Programs is not only to study these age-related changes, but also  tp help individuals going through such changes cope with it. This help can lead to a much happy and healthy life for such folks. Some of the Top Gerontology Programs include the following courses in their curriculum:

  • Life Span Developmental Psychology
  • Social Policy & Aging
  • Psychology of Development & Aging
  • Professional Issues in Gerontology
  • Research Methods

There are also societies and organizations dedicated to spreading the awareness of Gerontology related issues and study, and these can be quite beneficial if you wish to work as a Gerontologist. These include the Gerontological Society of America and The Center for Social Gerontology.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is focused on in the Social Gerontology training?

A:The Social Gerontology training stresses on working with elder people and ageing adults. These individuals have a degree in field such as demography, gerontology, nursing, psychology, social work, sociology, or any similar discipline.

Q:What are the skills I can expect to gain from top gerontology programs?

A:There are a diverse number of personal traits and skills you can acquire from top gerontology programs. You can learn verbal and listening skills and acquire effective communication skills to interact effectively with patients who have difficulty hearing, speaking, or understanding. You also learn interpersonal skills to work with people and acquire knowledge of statistics in order to conduct research.

Q:What factors indicate the best gerontology programs?

A:Individuals who want to work in the healthcare sector of gerontology must have a degree in this field. There are many schools offering gerontology programs at undergraduate and graduate level. Before selecting a school, make sure you check the following factors: faculty and staff, accreditation of the school and the program, costs, location, student reviews, and educational facilities.

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