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What is HIPAA?
HIPAA is The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This act was enacted by the United States Congress in 1996. It was initially sponsored by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy and Sen. Nancy Kassebaum. HIPAA constitutes of two titles.  Title I of HIPAA protects health insurance coverage for employees and their families when they change or get unemployed. Title II of HIPAA stresses on the establishment of national principles for electronic health care dealings and national identifiers for providers, health insurance procedures, and employers. The Title II is also known as the Administrative Simplification (AS) provisions. Furthermore, The Administration Simplification provisions address the security and confidentiality of health data. The prime objective of these standards is to improve the efficiency and usefulness of the country’s health care system by encouraging and promoting the extensive use of electronic data exchange in the U.S. health care system.

What is the HIPAA Training?

Most of the renowned hospitals and medical institutes in the United States require that their workforce, whether salaried or non-salaried, complete the HIPAA training on privacy and information security. This includes faculty, students, volunteers, as well as guests who may have either direct or indirect access to patients or their health information.
There are numerous levels of training dependent upon the level of access to patients and patient information which contains fundamental and advanced training. These contents of the HIPPA training course include:

  • Overview (What is HIPAA?)
  • Standards for Electronic Transactions
  • Privacy Rule
  • Security Rule
  • HIPAA Implementation
  • ARRA/HITECH Updates

Where should I get the HIPAA Training from?
The HIPAA Training is offered online or in physical training centers. This training primarily comes in three variants, namely Individualized Training, Group Training and the HIPAA Compliance Do It Yourself Kit (Distance Learning). Some of the most well known universities and schools that offer the HIPAA training in the U.S. include:

  • Columbia University Medical Center
  • University of Kansas Medical Center
  • The Queen’s Medical Center
  • University of California, San Francisco

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the advantage of getting a Hipaa training online?

A:Getting your HIPAA training online means that you can easily complete your education without having to change around your existing schedule. The flexible class schedules can be adjusted according to your convenience and you can easily attend them from the comfort of your own home at your computer.

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