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What Is The Study of Sociology?

Sociology is the scientific study of societies and their characteristics. Society has evolved tremendously over the centuries. It involves complex interactions that have triggered debates over race, culture and economic inequality. A sociology degree is a chance to systematically identify patterns in human behavior that arise from living in a community. Sociology degrees remain attractive to those with a general interest in social sciences particularly economics, history and psychology.

  1. What is sociology?
  2. What does a sociology degree involve?
  3. Can a sociology degree be pursued online?
  4. What can you do with sociology major? 

What does a sociology degree involve?

A sociology degree draws upon skills from several different disciplines and has both qualitative and quantitative aspects. Undergraduate sociology degrees involve several introductory courses that attempt to explain the origin of the field and early theories that shaped its academic literature.

This is followed by a sequence of core courses that delve deeper into specific sub-fields of the discipline. One such course is the sociology of education that focuses on different learning styles that have evolved in classrooms. It includes the study of debates on racial and gender segregation in the classroom. Attitudes towards child labor as well as the conflict between vocational studies and the liberal arts are studied.

Another popular course is the sociology of gender. Students study the women’s rights movement and the history of feminism. There is significant divergence between the relative roles of men and women in eastern and western societies and sociology degrees attempt to place this in historical perspective.

Sociology degrees also include studies of the nature of movements to safeguard the rights of minorities and various interest groups. They cover the rise of different forms of government and policies for dealing with the poor and unemployed. Many of these topics are dealt with differently in various societies and the purpose of the sociology degree is to introduce students to the debate without providing a universally correct answer.

Sociology degrees also focus on quantitative methods. Students are exposed to methods of collecting and compiling data and statistical tools. They learn to use regressions and correlations to interpret data. Sociology degrees often involve strong elements of field work so that students develop an appreciation for academic research methods. The culmination of the sociology degree is a thesis that attempts to make an original contribution to the subject literature.

Graduate sociology degrees tend to focus on one specialized area of the field and emphasize more intense field work and research.

Can a sociology degree be pursued online?

An online sociology degree is a great option for those who require a flexible schedule of study. Many accredited online institutions offer sociology degrees. These offer similar courses and electives to conventional classroom programs. Online sociology degrees generally offer forums to facilitate discussions with peers and instructors. Instructors are available via email and other interactive channels for prompt feedback on written work. It is thus possible to conduct field work and complete a thesis even through an online sociology degree.

A sociology degree is an exercise in close reading and critical thinking. There is substantial demand for people with such skills in government, business and the legal sector. Many people choose to build on their undergraduate sociology degree through graduate work in public policy, education, law and business.

What can you do with sociology major? 

If you are majoring in sociology, there are numerous career possibilities for you. A major in sociology, could find you jobs in different areas of job market. You could opt for community and service professions such as probation officer, police officer, activist, and paralegal. Besides, you could look for jobs in business management such as advertizing, marketing, publishing, editing, and public relations. Other than these professions, you could find lucrative positions in areas such as health services, education, and government services. In the health sector, you could work in family planning, social work, and counseling. Jobs in the education sector involve teaching, research, or work in the placement office. Government services include jobs at local, state, and federal level. You could also find work in non-profit government agencies. Besides the degree, you would need certain specific skills and work experience to begin your career in any area of the job market. You could acquire skills and work experience with the help of volunteer work and internships. Some jobs may also offer on-the-job training to give you skills that are crucial for the job. In order to find out more about sociology careers, you can also contact your school’s career counselor and learn about job and internship opportunities.


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Q:Is there any Sociology Degree online?

A:Yes. There are numerous Sociology degree online programs offered at our website with various areas of specializations.

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