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An online nutrition degree can help students with finding a lucrative career in a number of fields related to health and nutrition. Nutrition is a relatively new domain, yet there is much demand of nutritionists in the job market. As more and more people are paying attention to nutrition and health related issues, there is increasing demand for dieticians, nutrition directors and other professionals who can guide people in this domain.

Online Nutrition Degree Program Content
By enrolling in an online nutrition degree, you will be able to learn about various aspects of health and nutrition. The subjects mostly include:

  • The basics of nutrition
  • Holistic human development
  • Disease prevention by means of diet
  • Natural health remedies
  • Natural treatments
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Weight management 
  • Antioxidants

Health companies as well as hospitals require professional dieticians and nutritionists to look after the wellbeing of the patients with proper nutrition.

Types of Online Nutrition Degree Programs 
Students who interested to become a dietician or nutritionists can easily enroll in online nutrition degree programs. There are fundamentally three types of online nutrition degree programs you can go for. These include:

  • Associate’s degree
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree

An Associate’s Degree takes 2 years to complete while a bachelor’s degree and Master’s Degree span over 4 years generally. Students who have higher career aspirations should go for higher degrees once they complete an online associate’s degree in nutrition. Also, you need to decide upon a specialization. You can opt from a number of areas in nutrition to specialize in such as:

  • Food science
  • Dietetics
  • Human nutrition
  • Dietary management
  • Clinical nutrition

Salaries for Online Nutrition Degree Holders

You must know that the salaries for an online nutrition degree graduate greatly vary. However, generally an entry level nutrition and dietician can earn about $30,000 per year. Individuals with higher degrees and experience can expect to earn upto $67,000 per year.

Benefits of Enrolling in Online Nutrition Degree Programs 
There are many reasons which make enrolling in online nutrition degree program a good decision. Distance education has gained immense popularity in the recent times. This is because of the latest developments made in this mode of learning. There are numerous tools and technologies which have made online as effective as the campus based education. In fact, the scores of additional benefits you get in this kind of learning makes online educational programs more useful that the tradition mode of learning. Compared to a regular nutrition degree programs, enrolling in an online nutrition degree gives you more flexibility. You can manage your assignments and classes from any location and at any time you like. You can also learn at your own pace. Students who need to work in order to manage their expenses can easily manage to do it if they are enrolled in online nutrition degree program. With all these benefits and many others, opting for an online nutrition degree program is a great idea to enter a prolific career without much hassle.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long will it take me to complete an online masters degree in nutrition and dietetics?

A:Typically it takes two years to complete a masters degree. However, you can earn the degree in less than two years by opting for an accelerated degree track. Many online schools allow students to complete the program at their own pace. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to study online.

Q:What topics are taught in a sports nutrition degree online?

A:Depending on the specialization you choose, the course structure will vary. You would be studying courses such as weight control, hydration, anabolic steroids, ethical issues, blood doping, masking and detection methods, nutritional supplements, assessing and prescribing exercise, sports psychology, business for sports nutrition and so on. The curriculum may vary from college to college and will also depend on the degree-level you pursue.

Q:At what level can i pursue a holistic nutrition degree online?

A:There are various kind of online programs available in holistic nutrition degrees. For instance, you could go for a Master of Science in Nutrition, a Master of Science in Human Nutrition, Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition, diploma programs such as Comprehensive Nutrition, Dietary Supplement Science, Small Business Management, Women's Nutrition and so on.

Q:What is a nutrition science degree?

A:A nutrition science degree is specifically designed to train students to work as a nutritionist, researcher, an educator or a number of other careers that combine the studies of science and health. There are various degree levels available in this major. You could go for an associate degree if you are looking for a shorter duration program. Other options include a bachelors, masters or a doctorate program.

Q:Can I get a holistic nutrition degree online?

A:Yes, you can. Depending on your prior education and future preferences, you can get an associate's degree, a bachelor's degree, a masters degree or a doctorate degree in holistic nutrition online. Associate degrees tend to take the least amount of time to complete and prepare graduates for entry level positions in the market. If you want to go for advance positions in the market though, you will need an advanced degree.

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