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Online Medical Assisting Programs

Medical assisting programs are designed to help students improve their prospects of working in the healthcare sector. Students in these programs learn about several skills that enable them to care for the patients and assist the medical staff. There are several schools and colleges that offer medical assisting programs. Other than the traditional schools, there are several institutes that offer online medical assisting programs. The online programs are suitable for students who have to take care of other responsibilities in addition to pursuing their educational goals. Also, they are beneficial for working professionals already in this field and the ones who want to switch to a career in healthcare.  

Depending on the individual goals, students can choose from various medical assisting programs. They can opt for certificate programs or go for the degrees in this concentration. Certificates in this field may be completed in 6 months to 1 year. Degree programs may take 2 year to 4 years for completion. However, options are also available for completing these programs in less or more time. Students who want to complete a medical assisting course at their own pace can enroll in the online medical assisting programs. The flexibility of the online programs allows students to complete them at their own convenience.

There are various courses that students will study in the medical assisting programs. These may include:

  • Laboratory procedures
  • Medical business operations
  • Bookkeeping and charting
  • Patient care

They may also learn about radiology and pharmacology. The precise coursework depends on the area in which a student chooses to specialize.

Career Outlook
Since healthcare is a growth-oriented field, medical degree holders can benefit from opportunities to advance their career. Once students complete medical assisting programs they can potentially work in hospitals, doctors' offices or clinics. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Medical Assistants earned a median annual salary of $29,370 in May 2012.  

Online Medical Assisting Programs
Online medical assisting programs are becoming more popular each time around. Other than providing students with a flexible mode of learning, online medical assisting programs also allow them to study from virtually any location. They can complete a program at their own pace and thus look after other commitments in addition to their educational objectives.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the various types of Medical Assistant programs?

A:Medical Assistant programs can take various forms. These include diplomas/certificates and associate's degrees. Various areas of specialization offered include Administrative Medical Assistant, Clinical Medical Assistant, Medical Technician, Medical Laboratory Technician, X-Ray Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Sonography Technician, Ultrasound Assistant and Dental Assistant.

Q:Medical Assisting schools in Sarasota normally offer classes on days I have to work, how do I get around that?

A:If you want to study classes that can be moved around to fit your work schedule, then going for an online education instead of medical assisting schools in Sarasota is your best possible option. These classes can be scheduled at a time that is suitable for you so you wouldn't have to disrupt your job or any other responsibilities due to your education.

Q:Which programs are offered in the Medical Assisting school San Diego CA?

A:Medical Assisting Schools in San Diego, California offer a bunch of certificate and degree programs which include associate, bachelor, and master's programs. These can be opted with a number of specializations such as administrative medical assisting, clinical medical assisting, and ultrasound assistant technician. Some of the Medical Assisting schools in San Diego, CA offer these degree programs online as well.

Q:What are the contents of course on Profession of Physical Therapy in the Medical Assistant training Seattle?

A:The Medical Assistant training Seattle has a dedicated course on Profession of Physical Therapy. This course usually is of 3 credits and is designed to offer the students with the understanding of how a rehabilitation center can play a major role in a society. It also highlights on the job prospects of physical therapy.

Q:What programs are offered by Medical Careers Institute Greensboro NC?

A:The Medical Careers Institute in Greensboro NC offers a limited number of programs in the field of healthcare. Students wishing to enroll in this institute can opt for certificate programs in medical administration or enroll in medical assisting certificate programs. These programs have carefully designed curriculums that ensure students receive the best education.

Q:Name a few areas hat students can pick for specialization in Medical Assistant Courses?

A:Medical assistant courses and training programs offer students a range of specialization areas. Students can focus on one or more of the following areas: record keeping and accounting, medical terminology, physiology, office practices, pharmacology, medical laws and ethics, laboratory techniques, medical administration, patient relations, human anatomy, first aid and diagnostic procedures, and computer applications.

Q:While searching for Medical Assistant training online, I came across Health Care Communication course. Can you brief me about it?

A:You come across the reference of a number of programs while making search such as for the Medical Assistant training online. Health Care Communication is a course that is included in almost all of the relevant programs. In this course, the students get to study about professional communication required of a health care specialist.

Q:I wish to go for online medical assistant programs. Can you tell me about the job outlook?

A:According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a positive job outlook for medical assistants. Employment of medical assistants is projected to grow 29 percent from 2012 to 2022, which is a lot faster than the average for all occupations. Medical assistants who acquire certifications are expected to have better job prospects.

Q:Do medical assisting programs online have the same curriculum as campus based programs?

A:Yes, medical assisting programs offered online have the same course content as campus based programs. These programs are designed to help students become skilled medical assistants. The course structure includes a number of theory based subjects as well as practical courses. If you are enrolled in an online medical assistant program, you may have to take a few practical classes at the campus for training.

Q:Can you give me information on medical assisting programs?

A:Medical assisting programs are focused to prepare individuals to enter the healthcare profession as supportive medical staff. They might work under supervision or in collaboration with doctors, surgeons or nurses. There is variety of these programs available offered by online as well as on site institutes. Generally these programs or certifications are short and can be completed in a few months.

Q:Can you give me a brief overview of your understanding of the medical assisting profession?

A:The medical assisting profession is a fast growing healthcare occupation. Medical assistants are also known as generalists and are required to perform a variety of general clinical tasks. These professionals assist senior physicians and nurses. There are a number of training programs that are designed to prepare students for this occupation.

Q:My search on medical assistant online program mentioned some certifications in this field. Can you tell me more about it?

A:No particular certification is required for medical assistants. But you can opt to have one to improve your credentials. Most agencies require applicants to be at least eighteen years of age but do not necessitate some formal education. Some of the accredited certification levels for medical assistants are Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Registered Medical Assistant (RMA), National Certified Medical Assistant (NCMA) and Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA).

Q:What will I learn from online medical assisting programs?

A:You will learn how to work as part of a medical team. Students will find training on a number of tasks like processing data for insurance claims, accounts management, and handling correspondence and reports. Online programs offer a practical component that can be completed at a nearby health facility or institute. There the students will gain hands-on-training in tasks like execution of diagnostic tests, maintenance of instruments and equipment etc.

Q:What can I do a graduate certificate Medical Assistance Program Online?

A:With an online graduate certificate in Medical Assistance Program, you will be able to hold a position at any medical assistant related position in the U.S. This position can vary from a nursing aide to a medic or even a medical assistant in varying medical settings. You can also pursue higher education in the field of medicine.

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