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Christian Ministry Degree

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve… Mark 10:45

If you like to organize, lead, prepare and deliver sermons, then you should consider getting a Christian ministry degree. A degree in Christian ministry can lay a foundation of biblical and theological knowledge along with honing your leadership skills. Students interested in this discipline typically major in Christian ministry study Bible, Christian discipleship, church history, and ministry communication.

A variety of degrees are offered within the Christian ministry discipline. Students may pursue associate, bachelors and masters degrees. Irrespective of your preferred degree, it is important to know that all of them purport to impart theoretical Christian knowledge along with practical skill development. The ultimate objective is to develop students into responsible Christian leaders, who are well-equipped, grounded and trained for a career in ministry.


Career Opportunities

With a degree in Christian ministry, you could pursue the following careers:

Missions Ministry leader

Parachurch Ministry leader

Religious Educator

Children’s or Youth Ministry leader

Church Administration (small group leader, worship leader, associate pastor, etc)

Human Services professional

Wages & Employment Trends

According to O*NET OnLine, Christian ministers earned $44,250 per annum (in 2015) as median wages. The projected job growth for the 2014-2024 decade is 5%-8%, which is expected to result in 66,300 job openings.

O*NET OnLine also reported 67% (percentage of respondents) of Christian ministers held a master’s degree, while only 24% (percentage of respondents) had a bachelor’s degree.

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Christian Ministry

Depending upon the school, this degree is offered in a traditional classroom setting as well as online. It aims to equip students for a lifetime of service in a church.

Students learn to be effective church leaders by taking classes in general ministry, theological, historical, biblical and practical courses. While the curriculum of a master’s degree in Christian ministry will depend upon the school offering it, the degree is typically offered as a 36-credit hour program, out of which 24 hours are assigned to core courses. The remaining 12 hours can be taken in the following specializations.


·         Worship

·         Pastoral Ministries

·         Pastoral Counseling

·         Leadership

·         Homiletics

·         Global Studies

·         Evangelism and Church Ministry

·         Discipleship and Church Ministry

·         Community Chaplaincy

For admission, you may be asked to submit the following:

·         Admissions Application with non-refundable fee

·         Resume

·         A statement of purpose

·         Two letters of recommendation

·         Official undergraduate transcripts


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Christian Ministry

This degree is typically offered as a 120 credit hour program in which 49 credit hours are taken in general education courses, 29 hours for electives and 42 credit hours are for Christian ministry. Just like the master’s degree in Christian ministry, this degree too is offered both traditionally and online.

Program Outcomes

·         Study the Old and New Testaments

·         Study other Christian religious books and documents

·         Learn how to respond to common objections to the Christian faith

·         Developing communication, mentoring and coaching skills

·         Study the historical development of the western Christian church

·         Examine the teachings of Jesus Christ through in-depth study of the gospels

For admission, you may be asked to submit the following:

·         Admissions Application with non-refundable fee

·         Personal statement/essay

·         Official high school transcripts

·         SAT/ACT scores


In addition to the degrees listed above, Christian ministry may also be offered as a minor in some educational institutes. It may further be offered as a certificate level course. Those students of Christianity who are interested in conducting advanced research in Christian scriptures, it is recommended that they consider the Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Ministry degree option.

PhD in Christian Ministry

This degree is specifically for those interested in becoming educational leaders and scholars in various fields of Christian ministry. There is no fixed time for the completion of a PhD degree and can take as long as 5 years to complete. Therefore it is recommended that students contact the university and ask for the PhD program’s details.

Clergy, be it priests, pastors, ministers, and confessors, are professionals who provide moral and spiritual guidance to the members of their church. They also perform religious services associated with Christian beliefs and practices. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in this discipline, then consider enrolling in a degree in Christian ministry.


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