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Many of you are looking to advance careers that may be becoming dead-end. Others are looking to transition into new professional positions. Still others just desire to learn for the sake of learning. In all these scenarios, a regular bachelor’s degree is not always the most suitable option. Even an associate degree involves two years of required courses, many of which may not suit your ultimate goal. Certificate programs are fast becoming one of the most popular offerings of educational institutions. They are structured as a homogenous set of courses in one particular area of specialization.

This allows you to demonstrate competence in one particular niche without dealing with the burden of many courses that have no relevance to your future plans.

What does a certificate program involve?

Certificate programs focus on one particular area within a major. For example if your area of interest is electronics, you might pursue certificate programs in niche areas like solar panel design or power electronics or semiconductors. Each of these certificates may involve about a year of study of courses related to the one particular area of interest. After completing your certificate, you will be able to demonstrate strong competence in a particular area to your employer. Many employers are even eager to finance the pursuit of certificates as long as they are in areas which directly benefit the employer’s business. Someone with an interest in business may feel that he or she needs better skills in accounting.

In this case, they might complete a certificate in accounting by taking courses in controls, financial and managerial accounting. These courses enable the students to qualify for jobs that require specialized knowledge of accounting without forcing them to take additional course in fields like marketing and human resource management that may not directly benefit them. Certificate programs may thus prove to be a suitable fit for people with very specific career goals.

Why pursue certificate programs online?

Online certificate programs offer an ideal alternative. You may have realized the value a certificate will add to your professional profile on your current job. Leaving this job will result in a loss of earning and deny you chances for advancement that may come up in the course of your work. A compromise is to pursue your certificate programs online. Online certificate programs are delivered in the standard online format. Lectures can be followed online and all handouts and course materials are uploaded in one convenient location. Online certificate programs allow you to set a flexible schedule so you can allocate time to your studies at your own convenience.

Career prospects after certificate programs

The career opportunities that arise after completing certificate programs depend on what you pursued and what stage you are at in your career. If you are doing a technical job, a certificate in an area valued by your employer is likely to open up additional career opportunities for you. If you are looking to make a complete career transition, a certificate program might be a great start towards demonstrating your competence though extended degree programs that might be better in such cases.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you tell me about 6 month certificate programs, particularly online human resources certificate?

A:By enrolling in a six months certificate program and completing it successfully, you can signal to your employer a strong competence in one particular area. Online HR certificates are offered by many accredited institutions and schools and these offer specializations in selection and staffing, benefits and compensation, strategic human resource management, performance management and human resource studies among others.

Q:How do I find the best certificate programs online?

A:Online education is the new trend in learning. You can find certificate programs online easily. There are many renowned institutes offering a wide range of certificate programs to students online. You can pick from a range of certification programs in popular areas such as business administration, art, engineering, law, and even nursing. Browse through our page for more information.

Q:Are there any one year certificate programs available online?

A:You can search online to see what options are currently available. The duration of certificate programs will vary from place to place. Some institutes are offering 6-8 month certificate programs while others may be offering 12 month programs. Take a look at our page to see what schools are currently offering online one year certificate programs.

Q:An online certificate program is offered in which academic field?

A:Online certification programs are designed to certify students in certain academic fields, tasks, or jobs. These programs are in high demand and are a great way to enhance job opportunities. Now it is possible to acquire certification in almost any field such as business administration, law, science, nursing, engineering, arts, design, culinary arts, education, and information technology.

Q:What is a certificate program?

A:A certificate program is a non-degree course of study. Students can choose to do a certificate program in an unrelated field of study if it helps them broaden their career perspectives. A certificate program can also be used to simply gain knowledge about a topic of interest. Some students can also do a certificate program to help them with a career change.

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