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Degree Completion in RN to BSN

While becoming an RN is considered a first step in the path towards becoming a practicing nurse, a degree completion in RN to BSN has value as well. It signals that graduates have developed a set of skills in critical thinking, teamwork, leadership and analytical discourse that licensure alone would not have imparted. With a growing demand in the healthcare sector for trained nurses, a degree completion in RN to BSN can be a suitable way to enhance working skills.

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Structure and duration of the degree program

Like most baccalaureate programs, a degree completion in RN to BSN has been designed as a full-fledged undergrad degree. Those already having one form of undergraduate degree are able to undertake degree completion in RN to BSN with reduced coursework.

Highlights of the coursework

The coursework for degree completion of RN to BSN focuses on aspects of decision analysis that are not easily tested on the licensing exam. While those who have completed the RN license may already have sufficient exposure to practical experience and the general terminology, the degree completion of RN to BSN brings in more coursework related to analysis of data and adapting to new technologies.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements

Degree completion of RN to BSN is open to all who already have cleared the RN exam. But students need to clear all courses in the program to graduate.

Career prospects and average salary

A degree completion in RN to BSN improves the prospects of benefiting from career opportunities in nursing. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that registered nurses earned an annual median salary of $66,640 in May 2014.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Are there any institutes offering scholarships for RN to BSN completion?

A:Yes. You can find the various institutes offering scholarships for RN to BSN completion.Applying well before the deadline increases the chances for approval.

Q:What is the RN degree completion duration period in the United States?

A:The RN degree program is an initial level training to become a Registered Nurse. It takes about 3 years to complete. Even though there are universities offering a quicker 2 years program, it is always advised that you opt for a program that also includes a 4 hours training once every week to get ample hands on expertise.

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