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Doctoral in Physical and Occupational Therapy

Overview of the field
Physical and Occupational Therapy degrees train individuals in helping and assisting patients gain mobility and normal physical activity after a surgery or disability. It involves both physical and mental assistance for the patient.

Structure and duration of the degree program
A doctoral in Physical and Occupational Therapy may take around three to five years to complete, though may take less or more time too, with the focus on clinical practice, extensive research work and fieldwork experience.

Highlights of the coursework
The coursework for Doctoral of Physical and Occupational Therapy is towards the practical application of the concepts part of the coursework and research. Some of the main courses of the doctoral program include introduction to theory in occupational therapy, concepts in disability leadership, advanced neuroscience: application in occupational therapy, health care delivery, program development and evaluation. Students then have to write a dissertation on an experimental component and defend it in the final year of their study.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
A Masters in Occupational Therapy or in a related field such as psychology is usually required for admission in the doctoral program. Some universities, however, may also accept a bachelor's degree in a related field. The degree requirements call for completion the coursework and related research including the dissertation and practical experience.

Career prospects and average salary
Health sciences includes Physical and Occupational Therapy among the fields which can be possibly be monetarily beneficial with a terminal degree such as a doctorate. It is not only possible to work with private clinics, hospitals, nursing homes but also set up private practice. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual wages of physical and occupational therapist were $82,390 and $78,810 respectively as of May 2014.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:My search for Doctoral in physical and occupational therapy mentioned APTA. What is the purpose of this organization?

A:APTA would be mentioned when searching for Doctoral in physical and occupational therapy. APTA stands for American Physical Therapy Association. It is a professional organization that comprises of physical therapists working towards assisting its members with facilities and information about new opportunities and legislative acts. This organization also lobbies on behalf of its physical therapists members.

Q:What are the basic admission requirements for doctoral in physical and occupational therapy?

A:The general admission requirements to enroll in a doctoral program in physical and occupational therapy includes masters in occupational therapy as a minimum requirement. Some universities, however, may accept Masters in a related field. To get the degree, students need to complete the coursework and related research including the dissertation and practical experience. To know the specific admission requirements, thoroughly research the school you are interested in.

Q:I am searching for physical and occupational therapy doctoral degree. Can you give me some basic information about it?

A:In order to pursue a physical and occupational therapy doctoral degree, you will need a Masters in Occupational Therapy. Some universities may give you admission, in case of a master's in a related field. In order to get the doctoral degree students have to complete coursework and research. They are also required to gain practical experience and work on a dissertation.

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