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Degree Completion in Health Specialties

About Health Specialties
The field of health specialties deals with the practical application of technology, medicine and the human touch in order to diagnose, treat and care for patients. The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing around the world, with estimated annual increases of 18% through the next decade. This rate of expansion is expected to continue as more baby-boomers require an increased degree of healthcare. Health specialties covers a wide range of fields, including medical research, healthcare information technology, biotechnology, physiotherapy, optometry, lab technology, radiology, surgical technology, diagnostics, healthcare administration and anesthesiology.

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About the Degree
With virtually hundreds of career directions, the educational requirements to obtain a health specialties job vary from a simple high school diploma or certificate to a highly specialized Master’s degree. With a high school diploma and a six month certification program, you can start work as a diagnostic technologist, radiologist or a healthcare information technician. Holders of a four-year bachelor’s degree in a discipline such as public health, healthcare, and biology can find better paying jobs in private clinics, research facilities, medico-legal companies and other healthcare organizations. Those with a master’s or doctorate degree in a field such as medicine, surgery, dentistry, psychology or healthcare administration go on to obtain highly rewarding careers in international organizations like the UN, government agencies like the FDA, and large hospitals.

Career Prospects
All in all, the field of health specialties offers excellent opportunities with ample room for career advancement. According to the Office of Employment Statistics, ten out of the top twenty careers in the United States are in the healthcare industry. A degree in health specialties is your ticket to a secure, stable, well paying job that will help you turn your dreams into reality.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Is there any advantage of degree completion in health specialties online?

A:Indeed, there are a number benefits of taking the Degree Completion In Health Specialties program online. Online programs allow students to complete the degree at a pace of their own, with the advantage to taking the classes from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection. Students also get to take up work opportunities alongside studying.

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