Medical Education

Put simply, Medical Education is education related to the field of medicine. It not only refers to the students studying in medical schools but also to doctors who have completed their initial medical degree and are now looking to specialize in a particular field such as pediatrics and neurology among others.

Medical education is by no means a weak man's field. It requires the utmost dedication to the profession and the passion to live through the most rigorous study hours and clinical rotations. People looking to opt for medical education need not only be knowledgeable but also be able to work under a lot of stress and not panic in emergency situations. They must, moreover, be willing to accept the challenge of taking someone's life in their own hands and should not become easily upset by the everyday intervention that they will have in their patient's lives and problems. Medical Education is also a subject that can be studied independently. It is usually known as MedEd and includes an in-depth study of the key issues in medical school education. Usually people who want to go into teaching in medical schools or training other healthcare staff study this.

A medical education can open numerous professional avenues in the healthcare industry.
Medical Education

Initial Medical Education
To become a doctor, students have to attend medical school. No short cut. Medical schools offer a four year degree which can be taken after obtaining an undergraduate degree or a seven year program which is inclusive of an undergraduate degree and starts after completion of High School. Medical school introduces students to both the theory of medicine and the clinical aspect of it up to the point of individually treating patients. 

Postgraduate Medical Education
Many doctors continue on to postgraduate medical education after they have completed their basic medical school and residency. This allows them to specialize in one field of their choice. Some doctors take postgraduate medical education and go into medical research or even hospital administration and management. 

Online Medical Education
Online medical education is also known as Medical e-learning. You can earn a postgraduate education in medicine from the comfort of your home or by squeezing it in between your hectic hospital shifts. 

Most online medical education will introduce the student to material and coursework online which is also tested by an online exam. However, in most cases, the students have to complete at least part of their training onsite in order to obtain their desired certificate or diploma. An onsite assessment of the student is important to see how efficiently that candidate is able to apply the principles to practice and how good he/she is with diagnoses and treatments. 

The Medical Education Discipline
Healthcare professionals may opt to go for a Masters in Medical Education (MMedEd). To be eligible to take admission in this discipline, the candidates must at least have a second class honors degree and a few years of relevant training and work experience. The goal of this degree is to enable the students to develop and implement effective study tools for the field of medicine as well as develop skills that allow them to communicate it to their students in return in a way that the students are strong in theory as well as practice. This course may take anything from 3 to 8 years to complete because most people take it part time.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Are there any institutes offering Online Medical Education?

A:Yes. Many universities listed on our website, including Ashworth Career School offer Online Medical Education.

Q:What is the advantage of studying from an online medical school?

A:Online medical school helps you study as per your convenience. You can take as much time as you want to finish up your courses. Also, online education is cheaper alternative to on-campus studies. It also allows you to work alongside since there are no fixed schedules of classes.

Q:Which are the most well reputed Online Schools For Medical Administration?

A:Kaplan University and Ashworth College are some of the accredited online schools that offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in Medical Administration. These programs enable students to work at managerial and supervisory positions at hospitals and clinics. Upon graduation, students can also clear the certificate exams and become medical coding or billing specialists.

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