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The field of criminal justice encompasses the rules and policies used by a government to maintain law and control crime in the country. A bachelor level degree usually leads to jobs in police agencies, insurance companies, etc. However, major enhancement in the career can be achieved by enrolling in post-bacc programs in criminal justice. Either the students can go for a master’s level degree in a subfield of criminal justice such as homeland security, computer forensics, criminal justice administration, juvenile justice, etc. or they can opt for certificate level post-bacc programs in criminal justice. The advantage of certificate programs is that they can be completed in lesser time as they are more focused. Furthermore, most of these programs are offered online.

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How Long Does It Take to Complete a Post-Bacc Program in Criminal Justice?

There are various degrees one can pursue after completing a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. For instance, graduates may opt for a 12-month Post-Bacc Certificate, a 2-year master’s degree or a 3 to 5-year doctoral degree in Criminal Justice. Many institutions in the U.S. offer these degrees as full/part time on-campus or online programs.

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Post-Bacc Program in Criminal Justice?

The requirements to complete a Post-Bacc Program in Criminal Justice vary from one institute to another. The graduation requirements also depend on the type of chosen program. For example, students pursuing an MA in Criminal Justice will have to complete a specific number of course credits along with a thesis, projects, etc. to earn their degrees.

How Much Can I Make after Completing a Post-Bacc Program in Criminal Justice?

After completing a Post-Bacc Program in Criminal Justice, graduates may work with law enforcement as Police officers, Detectives or Forensic Science Technicians. Or they may choose to work as Post-secondary Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teachers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018), Police and Detectives made $63,380 in annual median income whereas the annual median income of  Forensic Science Technicians was $58,230. In contrast, Post-secondary Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teachers made $61,900.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you give some information on Post Bacc Programs In Criminal Justice?

A:These programs can be pursued after completion of bachelor degree programs. A Post Bacc Programs In Criminal Justice acts as a complement for you existing qualifications and increases your career opportunities. The program refreshes your knowledge in criminal justice and provides you with more industry oriented knowledge. It can also be opted for at popular online schools.

Q:What are the admission requirements of criminal justice post bacc programs?

A:A post bacc program in criminal justice requires at least a first undergraduate degree; this can include online or on-campus degrees. For admission in criminal justice post bacc programs the undergraduate degree should have a related field of study. Aside from these, most schools have a set GPA requirements as well as recommendation requirements. You can find out more by visiting the admissions page of the university you will be applying to.

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