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MBA Computer Security

Overview of Field
An MBA of Computer Security is a great choice for those professionals who wish to take up management roles in the demanding and innovative computer security sector. There are a significant number of opportunities in government and private industry for those who have a background in computer security technology and those who understand management objectives. The MBA of Computer Security provides training for being eligible for positions in both scenarios.

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Structure and duration of the degree program
The MBA of Computer Security program includes case studies, projects and problem sets. The program generally lasts two years but can take less than that to complete or even extend further. Some finish it sooner, though most in the MBA of Computer Security program tend to work part-time and thus take longer. The program ends with a final project, which is often industry-sponsored.

Highlights of the coursework
The coursework in a typical MBA of Computer Security includes required courses in the first year that increase your breadth of understanding in business-related concepts. The second-year electives include computer security, networking, management information systems and e-commerce. The coursework in the MBA of Computer Security has been developed to give all graduates the necessary technical skills.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
For becoming eligible for an MBA of Computer Security degree program, it is preferable that you have some years of work experience following your undergraduate degree. A background in computers is expected either through studies or work experience.

Career prospects and average salary
As per the information available available on the website of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual median wage of computer information security analysts is $86,170 as of 2012, with higher qualification and additional experience boosting the figure above $135,600.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can I study for the MBA Computer Systems Security degree online?

A:Yes, you can study for the MBA Computer Systems security online. We have a comprehensive list of online institutes offering the MBA in Computer Security program. These include: Keller Graduate School of Management, Utica College, Lewis College, Regis University, Southern New Hampshire University, Jones International University, and Western Governors University.

Q:Where can I look for the online MBA in Computer Security programs?

A:Our website offers a comprehensive list of institutes offering the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Computer Security online. These include Bellevue University, Utica College, Saint Leo University, Jones International University, and DeVry University.

Q:Is it compulsory to send copies of original educational transcripts when applying for the MBA in Computer Security degrees?

A:It is not compulsory to send copies of original educational transcripts when applying for the MBA in Computer Security degrees. However, students are usually required to bring along original transcripts if required to come for interview in person.

Q:Which courses are offered in the Computer Security MBA Degree programs?

A:The curriculum of Computer Security MBA degree programs provide students with a blend of business related and IT based knowledge. Students are primarily trained to develop secure networks and analyze security threats effectively. Topics covered in these degrees include: IT Ethics, Firewalls and VPNs, Security Policies, Network Defenses, and Cryptography.

Q:How long is the MBA in Computer Security degree program?

A:The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Computer Security is a two year degree program when opted in a campus based institute. The duration differs for the online MBA in Computer Security degree program. Online schools offer flexibility; hence there is no specified time for degree completion. Students can take as long as they fit to complete the degree.

Q:Which MBA programs for Computer Security have the longest duration?

A:The MBA in Computer Security offered in the executive program or the online program can allow you longer than usual time duration for the degree. The executive MBA in Computer Security is a three years and above degree program. However, the online MBA in Computer Security degree has no duration restriction. Hence, it can be completed in as much time as the applicant wants.

Q:How quickly can I complete my MBA Cyber Security degree?

A:If you wish to complete the MBA in Cyber Security in the shortest time span, you can opt for the accelerated MBA in Cyber Security degree which will take 18 months to complete. If you wish to complete the degree even quicker to that, you can get enrolled in the online MBA in Cyver Security degree program and complete the program at your pace. Since there are no time restrictions in the online programs and are completely dependent on each students' pace.

Q:Are students required to attend campus based classes for all the MBA in computer and information security degree programs?

A:No. Students who face difficulties in attending campus based classes can easily opt for the online degrees and programs listed on our website, these do not require students to attend campus based classes and they have the option to complete these degrees at their own pace from any location in the world. These degrees are quite useful for working professionals and single parents.

Q:As I read about the MBA Computer Security salary, there was mention of the course on Business Law. Can you tell me more about this course?

A:The MBA Computer Security salary surveys in the United States usually focus on the 4 credits worth course on Business Law. This comprehensive course stresses on teaching the students the basic principles and concepts of business law that is applied to the contracts, sales, personal property, employment and agencies, bankruptcy, negotiable instruments as well as real property.

Q:What is the duration of computer security MBA program?

A:The computer security MBA program generally takes two years to complete, but it can take more or less time depending on the institute. It includes case studies, projects, and problem sets. You can also pursue the program while working part time but this way the duration of the program is longer. The program usually gets completed by submission of a final project which is normally sponsored by the industry.

Q:Why should I enroll in computer security mba programs?

A:The MBA program in computer security is for individuals who wish to further achieve success or promotion in their career by assuming management or leadership roles. The MBA programs gives a well rounded education on most aspects of computer security and personnel management, so individuals will be able to undertake training positions as well.

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