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Dental Technician Schools

Dental Technician

A dental technician is an affiliate of the dental team who makes custom healing and dental appliances based on the prescription from a dentist. The dentist communicates with the dental technician through prescriptions, measurements and drawings taken from the patient. The most significant feature of this is a dental impression in to which the technician creates a copy of the patient’s anatomy, known as a dental model. A Dental Technician can then use this model for the preparation of custom appliances meant for that specific patient.

In some states, dental technicians are formally educated and have to pass an exam in order to enter this field.  

Dental Technician Courses

You could do a lot as a Dental Technician

  • They construct, fit, or repair dentures, bridges, crowns, etc
  • They work under the supervision of dentists

Career Opportunities

  • Pay
  • Advancement
  • High level jobs
  • Expected job environment


  • Median annual pay for dental technicians in 2013 was $17.52 hourly or $36,440 annually


  • The field is expected to grow at a rate of at least 7% over the next few years

Career growth is promising

  • Additional education required for advancement in the field

High Level Jobs

  • Training of incoming technicians
  • Teaching in reputable schools and colleges
  • Supervisory and management level jobs available
  • Option to own your own practice

Similar Jobs

  • Dentists
  • Orthotists and Prosthetists
  • Medical equipment repairers
  • Ophthalmic laboratory technicians
  • Usually a clean and professional environment
  • Limited contact with patients
  • Personal safety is key as there are numerous ways to be exposed to health and safety hazards during the course of the job

There are four main disciplines in the dental technology. These are as follows:

·         Fixed Prosthesis (crowns, bridges and implants)

·         Removable Prosthesis (dentures and removable partial dentures)

·         Maxillofacial Prosthesis (craniofacial prosthesis and ocular prosthesis)

·         Orthodontics and Auxiliaries (mouth guards and orthodontic appliances)

The educational programs at Dental Technician Schools include certificate and associate degree programs. A big part of these programs is practical experience and elective internships, that are vital to gaining hands-on experience prior to completion of the program.

Career Prospects
Dental Technicians can find jobs at clinics, hospitals and laboratories. Some also work privately for dentists on a contractual basis, which can be more promising. Some of the common job titles for Dental Technicians include Dental Laboratory Technician, Dental Ceramist, Certified Dental Technician and Dental Assistant.

As of 2017, dental technicians have an annual median salary of $38,670 as mentioned on the website of O*NET OnLine.

Dental Technician Schools
Dental Technician Schools offer comprehensive education in an interactive environment. Even the online programs offer communication gateways to their students.  

Here is a list of the schools that offer one of the best Dental Technician Programs in the US:

1) Pasadena City College- Dental Laboratory Technology: Accredited by the Dental Accreditation of American Dental Association, the college provides you with a curriculum that will prepare you to work in both public and/or commercial dental laboratory and a dental office that performs dental techniques. The program at PCC's Dental Lab lays great emphasis on understanding the system of all five major concepts and disciplines of dental technology. The curriculum makes you eligible for appearing for the written Recognized Graduate Examination. Courses like dental morphology, anatomy and dental laboratory management are taught by a highly experienced faculty.

2) Florida National University: The curriculum combines the book and practical knowledge, to give you a better and clearer understanding of the dental technician field. Upon the completion of the 60-credits Dental Lab Technician program, you will be further prepared to construct dentures, implants and bridges, as well as orthodontics. One of the major attractions of the Dental Technician Program at FNU is that the program is offered in English and Spanish both, to further enhance your chances in getting employed.

3) Los Angeles City College Dental Technology Program: Accredited by the ADA, the dental program at LACC covers basic and advanced techniques used to apply to the invention of dental prosthesis. The dental school at LACC prepares you well for the RGCDT exam, which is the first step towards becoming a certified dental technician and the school was ranked 1st in participating in the exam. What really sets the program at LACC apart is the Instruction in Digital Dentistry that allows you to study implant prosthodontics and dental prosthesis via CAD and CAM.

4) Portland Community College Dental Laboratory Technology: The program excels its students in the art of inventing bridges and crowns, partial denture fabrication and orthodontics. Accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA), the college provides a 2-year program, with state-of-the-art technology (CAD/CAM) and proper safety measures within the labs.

In addition to brick and mortar schools, if you are looking for an online option then check out The Dawson Academy, which offers an extensive dental lab technician program. Many dental professionals across the globe have used the Dawson Academy's curriculum to solve the dental problems of many patients.

There are various Dental Technician Schools all over the US that cater to different needs of every individual. So, whether you want to study in a traditional dental technician school or an online dental technician school, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

How long does it take to graduate from a Dental Technician School?

Students are not required to achieve higher education to become a dental technician. There is a minimum requirement of a high school diploma or equivalent degree. Students can opt to get a bachelor's degree in a related field but it is preferred that they pursue formal training through a dental lab technician program instead. These usually last for two years - which is the average amount of time it takes to graduate from Dental Technician School.

What are the requirements to graduate from Dental Technician School?

A high school diploma is required to get admitted to a dental technician school. To become a certified dental technician, students will need to get certified through the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology (NBC). Alternatively, they could get accredited through the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association. In most cases, students only need a high school diploma to apply to any program for accreditation or certification.

How much can I make after I graduate from Dental Technician School?

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dental Laboratory Technicians earned $44,330 as mean annual salary in 2019. These professionals’ median yearly income was $41,340. The Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation) was the highest paying industry for Dental Laboratory Technicians, paying a mean annual wage of $58,800. The top paying state for this occupation in 2019 was Virginia, with a mean annual salary of $55,050.

Job Outlook

The job outlook projections made by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for Dental Laboratory Technicians are also very positive. Dental Laboratory Technicians are projected to enjoy an employment growth of 9% during the next decade (2019 and 2029).

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is the duration of dental lab school?

A:Students wishing to become laboratory technicians can receive the required education and training by enrolling in a two year technical program at a technical college, vocational school, community college, university or dental school. However, certain educational institutes also offer four year bachelors programs for prospective dental technicians, providing more in-depth knowledge and enhanced practical skills.

Q:How to Become a Dental Technician or dental lab technician?

A:To become a dental lab technician, you must acquire education in this field. There are many universities offering dental technician courses and degree programs. These programs are designed to equip you with skill and in-depth knowledge about the field. Take a look at our page for more information about becoming a dental technician.

Q:What is the importance of technical drawing to dental health technician?

A:Dental technicians are professionals who construct and develop dental appliances for patients. These experts have an in-depth understanding of dental technology and dentures. Technical drawing is a skill all technicians must have in this field. Dental technicians must be able to draw and take measurements to be able to create certain prosthetics.

Q:Can you tell me the subjects that are studied in a Dental Technician Schools?

A:Dental Technician schools normally have a comprehensive coursework. There are four main disciplines in dental technology and students have to take courses accordingly. These disciplines include fixed prosthesis dealing with crowns, bridges and implants; removable prosthesis based on dentures and removable partial dentures; maxillofacial prosthesis covering craniofacial prosthesis and ocular prosthesis; and orthodontics relating to auxiliaries mouth guards and orthodontic appliances.

Q:Do all dental laboratory technician schools in USA follow guidelines set by the Higher Education Commission?

A:Most dental laboratory technician schools in USA comply with the rules and standards set by the Higher Education Commission. These schools are accredited regionally or programmatically, which means they are following standardized curriculum formats. Before enrolling in any program at post-secondary level, you must check the accreditation status of the college.

Q:Can you give me some information about dental technician schools in Miami?

A:Miami is home to a number of popular dental technician schools. These institutes are dedicated to preparing students for dental technician careers. One can opt for main degree program in this medical field or can go for short courses and certification programs. Before enrolling in any program or institute, make sure you confirm the accreditation status.

Q:Tell me about schools for dental technicians?

A:Schools for dental technicians train dental technician who work as part of a team that makes custom healing and dental appliances on prescription. The play a vital role and are constantly in touch with dentists through prescriptions, measurements and drawings of patient dentures. Another very important feature of this job is creating patient's anatomy or a dental model from the accurate dental impressions taken by dentists.

Q:Tell me about the colleges for dental technicians?

A:Students interested in this field of work will find some of the best Dental Technician Schools in the United States. These schools offer highly focused and comprehensive courses in this field, taught by the most respectable faculty. These degrees are available on campus as well as online. Student's pursuing this degree online get 24/7 assistance for all their academic issues.

Q:While reading about dental laboratory technicians program in the University of Washington online, I came across a few course requirements. Can you name a few courses I will have to study in this program?

A:Dental laboratory technicians programs are designed to prepare students for job positions as dental lab techs and assistants. These programs entail a number of different courses, a few theory based while others mostly practical based. Some major courses included in the curriculum are: dental fixtures, orthodontic appliances, bridges and dentures development, and technology.

Q:How can I get practical experience if I go for dental lab tech schools?

A:If you go for an online dental technician school it will offer you various benefits. As far as practical experience goes you shouldn't be worried as schools generally have lab sessions where students can practice their skills. In addition to this internships can also help a lot in terms of hands-on experience.

Q:What skills will I learn in dental technology school?

A:If you go to a dental technology school you will learn how to manufacture various dental prosthetics like crowns, bridges and dentures according to the specifications mentioned by the doctor. Dental laboratory technicians work in specialties like orthodontic appliance and ceramics. These skills will help you find good jobs once you graduate.

Q:Where can I find work after passing out from dental laboratory technology schools?

A:The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that fifty eight percent of dental laboratory technicians work in small size, private manufacturing business while the rest of them work in health care stores and dental clinics. The compensation that these technicians get depends on various factors like place of employment and experience.

Q:Can I apply for jobs at private clinics after graduating from a Dental Laboratory Technician School?

A:Yes, you can apply at various dental clinics, private and public, with a degree in this field. On the other hand, a degree in dental technology can also lead to job opportunities in hospitals, dental product manufacturing firms, military dental clinics, commercial dental offices, and more. The income will vary with each organization.

Q:How did you select the dental lab technician programs offered through your website?

A:We have done our best to put together a wide selection of colleges, offering a range of dental lab technician programs, course content and to suit different budgets. Within the colleges available through our website, it is not possible to say which is the best as each student's requirement and priorities vary, though for some accreditation is the most important factor.

Q:Do dental technician programs allow you to start work straight away in dental practices?

A:The dental technician programs offered through our website allow you to start work, though the level of responsibility given by your employer will vary from practice to practice and will depend on your overall competency. Each course will provide you, upon successful completion, a solid foundation for your career as a dental technician. You need not restrict your career to dental practices- there are other organizations that could use you such as hospitals or dental laboratories. But before you apply for jobs, you may be required to earn a professional license in this field.

Q:Can you name a few specialization areas offered in Dental Laboratory Technician Training Programs?

A:If you enroll in a Dental Laboratory Technician Training Program, you can specialize in the following programs: orthodontic appliances, complete dentures, partial dentures, crowns and bridges, and ceramics. In this program you will learn how to create molds, models, prosthetic dental devices, and other dental fixtures. This program is offered by a number of dentistry schools and colleges.

Q:What will I learn in dental technician training programs in Illinois?

A:Dental technician training programs in Illinois prepare students for professional roles in this field. They acquire technical skills and knowledge needed to become a dental technician. The courses studies in this program include orthodontics, dental material, ceramic laboratory, crown and bridge, and more. Dental technician occupations are one of the fastest growing healthcare professions.

Q:What are the educational requirements for certified dental technician schools?

A:The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not mention any specific educational qualifications for becoming a dental technician. Nevertheless to pass the examinations to become a certified dental technician you will need some sort of experience or education or both. You should look into certificates, associate degrees or a bachelor's degree in a related field.

Q:Which is the best university for dental technician degree?

A:There are a number of outclass Universities For Dental Technician degrees listed on our website. Interested candidates can browse through our website and find some of the most renowned dental technology schools offering their degree programs online for the convenience of students who have to fulfill responsibilities other than studying.

Q:While searching for study Dental Technician in America I got know about Head and Neck Anatomy: Histology and Embryology course, what is it about?

A:You often come across the reference of various courses and programs relevant to the field in search such as study Dental Technician in America. In Head and Neck Anatomy: Histology and Embryology course the students get to know about the basic anatomy of head and neck of a human body.

Q:My search on study Dental Technology in America led me to Medical Emergencies in a Dental Office course. What is it about?

A:You often come across the reference of various courses and programs relevant to the field in search such as study Dental Technology in America. Medical Emergencies in a Dental Office course is one of the most important courses included in the program. In this course the students get to know how to hand emergencies that might happen in dental offices.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Statistical Analysis in the schools for orthodontic lab training?

A:The Schools for Orthodontic Lab Training in the United States have dedicated course on Statistical Analysis.This course usually is worth 2 credits in total and is designed to provide students with ample understanding of the foundational level skills of statistical analysis. Students are also highlighted on the ample hands on experience for better learning.

Q:Can you tell me why I should go for a dental lab certification program after completing education from on line schools for dental laboratory technician?

A:If you have acquired education as a dental lab technician it is recommended that you should opt for a certificate program as well. Although your degree program will help you get a job as a dental lba technician, a certification will increase job opportunities and salary levels. The certification enhances your career and is like an extra credential.

Q:Searching on how to make master dental technician in USA got me thinking about skills. What skills are required to be a successful dental technician?

A:The topic of skills would come up when searching for make master dental technician in USA. Students interested in pursuing a career as dental technicians need to have a thorough understanding of manual dexterity. Students also need to have an excellent eye vision, ability to differentiate between fine distinctions and match prosthetics to patient's teeth. With the health care industry expanding all over the United States, there is huge potential for students in interested in this profession.

Q:Can you tell me something about How To Became A Dentist by Studying Online?

A:Accredited online dental colleges have made it possible to acquire dental education without having to attend campus classes. You can pursue dental degree programs at al levels online. Most common dental programs include an associate degree in dental assisting, bachelor degree in dentistry, bachelor degree in hygiene and dental, diploma in dental assisting, and associate degree in dental technician.

Q:Is it important to get a license after completing Dental Lab Technician Studies?

A:Without a license as a dental lab technician you cannot practice in this profession. Hospitals, dental lab clinics, and other health firms hire licensed and certified technicians. A dental lab technician license can be earned after clearing the licensing examination. The licensing body in this field is known as the National Board for Certification in Dental Lab Technology.

Q:Advanced Ceramic Techniques was mentioned when searching for best dental technology course. What would I learn in this course?

A:Advanced Ceramic Techniques is an integral part of the best dental technology course. This course is usually worth 5 credit hours and deals with a number of topics. Some of the topics covered in this course are metal-ceramic bridges, metal alloys, margination, contouring, shading, soldering and personalization of ceramic restorations. Prospective students interested in this course are advised to search our website for an extensive list of institutions offering this course.

Q:What is the importance of the course on Cast Partial Dentures in dental technologists Illinois programs?

A:Cast Partial Dentures is an essential part of the dental technologists in Illinois program. This course is usually worth 6 credit hours and trains students on the techniques used in a number of procedures. Some of the topics included in this course are block out procedure, pouring refractory casts, polishing frameworks, waxing, casting, finishing and finishing of acrylic. This course can be extremely useful as the demand for dental professionals is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years.

Q:Can you name the subjects that are studied in all sorts of dental technician courses?

A:Dental technician course are available at bachelor levels and masters level. On the other hand, this education is also available through diplomas and certifications. The curriculum of all the dental technician programs overlaps in major study areas. Important subjects included in all dental technician programs include the following: articulate models, records transfer, construction of casts, denture framework, and customs impression.

Q:Searching for dental technology schools, I came across NBCCERT. What is purpose of this organization?

A:NBCCERT would be mentioned when searching dental technology schools. It is the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology. It is an independent board that is responsible for providing certification for both dental technicians and dental laboratories. The main purpose behind this organization is to promote internationally recognized certifications and ensure staff training and dental laboratory facilities are up to the required standards.

Q:Searching for dental technician university, I came across Restorative Techniques. What is the purpose of this course?

A:Course on Restorative Techniques would be mentioned when searching for Dental Technician University. This course primarily deals with the physical properties of materials. Students learn about construction of inlays, crowns, interiors and posterior regions. With the health care industry expanding all over the United States, there is huge potential for students interested in this course.

Q:Jurisprudence and Ethics was mentioned when searching for dentist technician part time studies. What is the purpose of this course?

A:There is a possibility of Jurisprudence and Ethics being mentioned when searching for dentist technician part time studies. This course is usually worth 1 credit hour and deals with the legal and ethical aspects of the dentistry profession. With the help of this course, students learn about dentist technician-patient relations, rules and regulations, and in depth analysis of ethics and legal requirements.

Q:My search for dental technologist Illinois mentioned DTA. What is the purpose of this association?

A:DTA would be mentioned when searching for dental technologist Illinois. DTA stands for Dental Technologists Association. This association is based in the United Kingdom and is not operational in the United States. The main purpose of this association is to provide organizational support to the profession of Dental Technology in the United Kingdom.

Q:What kinds of programs are usually offered at the Best Dental Lab Technician Schools in the US?

A:Accredited dental lab technician schools offer a few types of degree programs in his field. You are most likely to encounter educational programs in this field such as the following: Associate of applied science in dental technology, and a certificate in dental technician program. After attaining either of these qualifications you are eligible for taking the dental technician licensing exam.

Q:Course on Microbiology was mentioned when searching for dental lab technician programs Miami. What is the premise of this course?

A:Microbiology is an integral part of dental lab technician programs Miami. With the help of this course, students learn about the fundamentals of microbiology and immunology. It also discusses the affects chemical and physical agents, defense mechanisms in organisms, dental decay and periapical diseases. Interested students are advised to search our website for schools who are currently offering this course and qualification.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Social Impacts of Technology in the Dental Technician school programs?

A:The Dental Technician School programs have dedicated programs on Social Impacts of Technology. This course is worth 2 credits in total and is designed to provide students with substantial understanding of the implications of the innovation in technology and how it affects us all. Hands on experience is also provided.

Q:How to be a dental technician asap?

A:In order to become a dental technician in the shortest possible time, interested candidates can get enrolled in the online program and take as much time as they want to complete the degree since online programs are self paced. Students can pursue the online bachelors in dental technician which can be followed by the master's degree. All these mentioned programs are offered in various online schools on our website.

Q:As I read about the certified Dental Lab Technician Illinois degree programs, there was mention of the course on CPT Coding. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on CPT Coding while going through the Certified Dental Lab Technician Illinois degree programs. This course is specifically designed to offer students with ample understanding of the Basic formatting of the services of CPT. It also stresses on the procedure codes of the claim of CMS 1500.

Q:My search for what is the best school for dental technician ? mentioned Orthodontics. What is the job description for these professionals?

A:Orthodontics would be mentioned when searching for what is the best school for dental technician?. These professionals are required to straighten teeth with the help of orthodontic retainers and braces. Orthodontics also study patient history and formulate treatment plans. With the health care industry expanding all over the United States, there is huge potential for professionals in this field.

Q:Can one enroll in an online dental lab technician course without ever taken any course from dental school?

A:Yes, students can enroll in an online dental lab technician course without ever taken any course from dental school. However, students need to have high school diploma and having information in maths and sciences can prove beneficial. Management and business courses can also help students who are looking to run their own laboratories. Prospective students interested in this course are advised to search our website for more information.

Q:What are the contents of the course on EMRs in the Dental Lab Technician school programs?

A:The Dental Lab Technician school programs have dedicated courses on EMRs. This course is worth 3 credits in total. It is designed to provide the students with ample understanding of the ways in which the paper based charts have been overtaken by the Electronic Medical Records systems (EMRs). Students are also highlighted on the computerized methods of optical scanning.

Q:Searching for dental lab technician schools mentioned NIST. What is the purpose of this organization?

A:NIST would be mentioned when searching for dental lab technician. NIST stands for National Institute of Standards and Technology. This is a federal agency responsible for improving the standards of measurement science and technology in order to enhance the economic competitiveness and improve the American way of life. It is non regulatory agency that operates under the Department of Commerce.

Q:What is the best school to study dental technology?

A:In order to become a dental technician, students need to get enrolled in respective degree programs. Students can opt for dental technology programs in any of the listed online or campus based schools listed on our website. Our website offers some of the best accredited institutes providing students the top-notch degree programs to become renowned dental technology specialists.

Q:What can you tell me about dental technical studies online?

A:Dental Technician studies online allow students to complete the course at a pace of their own by making their own class schedules. Online education also benefits students such that they can take their classes from anywhere in the world with just a single internet connection. They do not have duration restriction. They can take as long as they wish to complete the program.

Q:I found a suitable dental technician school california but am wondering how I can fund my studies as I don't earn nearly enough to pay for my education completely.

A:When it comes to funding your education at a Dental Technician School in California, you have a few financial aid options available to you. There are both federal and private scholarships and grants available that let can grant you money for your education without any pay back. You can also apply for private or federal students loans. These are low interest loans designed specifically for students and can be paid back after your education is complete.

Q:I found a dental technician school florida but it doesn't offer night time classes. What do I do?

A:If you are unable to free up your daytime schedule for your education at a Dental Technician School in Florida, you can always go for an online education which will not require you to alter your existing schedule. The classes can be taken online at any time of your convenience as they are done over the internet. You will not even have to travel to a central campus in order to complete your degree.

Q:I may have found the perfect dental assistant school in miami but its too expensive. Where can I get educational funding from?

A:If the dental assistant school you found in Miami is too expensive for you, you can avail many of the financial aid options that are provided to students. You could go for federal scholarships or grants that are provided by the Department of Education or apply for a private form of financial aid like private scholarships (offered by a number of private banks and financial concerns) or private student loans (these are low-interest loans designed specifically for students and provided by a large number of banks).

Q:What kind of career will dental assistant schools in virginia beach prepare me for?

A:Dental Assistant schools in Virginia will provide you with the knowledge and training required to step into the healthcare industry, specifically the dental field. You will be able to work as a dentist's assistant, a position where you will find yourself assisting a dentist in performing dental procedures as well as performing other tasks such as patient communication and management. This could also be the first step for you towards becoming a dentist yourself.

Q:where to study dental technician courses if I can't travel out of state?

A:If you can't travel to outside the state and are wondering where to study dental technician courses, you can always take the online option. You won't have to even travel to a campus, all you need to do is find an accredited school online that can offer you the course you are looking for. Everything from enrollment to classes and examinations can be done over the internet. Even the degree can be posted to you or be printed off the internet.

Q:My search on dentist technician courses included a course in sterilization techniques. What is the premise of this course?

A:Sterilization techniques would be mentioned when searching for dentist technician courses. This course deals with the sterilization theory and terminology. It also guides students in disinfection of instruments, asepsis techniques, hand piece care and maintenance. Prospective students interested in this career are advised search our website for an extensive list of institutions offering this course.

Q:Looking at some online dental lab technician programs mentioned DANB. What is the purpose of this organization?

A:DANB would be mentioned when searching for online dental lab technician programs. DANB stands for Dental Assisting National Board. This organization is responsible for providing credentials to dental professionals. DANB creates and validates dental examinations and provides certifications for a number of professions and procedures within the dental community. It is a nonprofit organization and is recognized by the American Dental Association.

Q:Why is the Dental Ceramics course part of the certified dental technician degree?

A:Dental Ceramics course is an integral part of the certified dental technician degree. This course is particularly essential as it deals with shaping porcelain. This technique is used to make crowns. It also guides students on how to fuse porcelain with metal to make dental bridgework. Dental polishing and staining dental implants is also covered in this course. Students interested in this course are advised to search our website for a list of accredited institutions.

Q:What is taught in the Social Psychology course of the Dental Technician schools?

A:The Dental Technician schools in United States have a 4 credits worth course on Social Psychology. This course is used to make the students understand how psychologists devote their time and mental energy in scientific study of how abnormalities and the impacts it may have on societies on a whole. Contemporary as well as traditional theories are also extensively studied.

Q:What is taught in the Medication Safety course school offering for Dental Technician degrees?

A:The course on Medication Safety is a course that is of mandatory nature in the school offering for Dental Technician degrees. This course is worth 4 credits in total and stresses on the potential effects of adverse nature and how they can prevail over the time. Medical and dental errors are also extensively studied and prevention methods are carefully studied.

Q:As I went through the article on dental laboratory technician schooling, there was mention of the course on Human Relations. What are the contents of this course?

A:The Dental Laboratory Technician Schooling degree programs in United States have a specified course on Human Relations. This course is worth 4 credits in total and aims to teach the students how to examine the basic issues that revolve around human relations. This also includes understanding of how to manage one's self, foster the success in career and taking care of personal life, etc.

Q:My search on dental laboratory technician colleges mentioned dental impression. What is that?

A:Searching for dental laboratory colleges would mention dental impression. It is the process of taking an imprint of teeth and gums for the purpose of restoration and diagnosis. This technique is accomplished with the help of impression materials. It is an important aspect of a dental technicians job. Prospective students are advised to search our website for a list of institutions offering this program.

Q:Most of the Dental Technician 4 years programs have a course on Leadership & Motivation. What is taught in this course?

A:The Dental Technician 4 years program in the United States has a contemporary course on Leadership & Motivation. This course is designed to provide the students with the expertise to enhance their potential as a leader in the dental health care environment. This course allows the students to discover the talents, vision as well as qualities to make it big.

Q:Can you tell me how to become a Dental Lab Technician?

A:To become a Dental Lab Technician, you need to have a GED or high school diploma. Although there isn't any license required to become a Dental Technician, you will need some specific relevant certification to get into a lab. Some top schools currently offering degrees in the field are Penn Foster Career School, Kaplan University, DeVry University and Argosy University.

Q:What are the different types of degrees for dental technicians?

A:Dental Technicians can take up the bachelor and master's programs in a number of specialization areas. The field of dentistry is divided into four basic components. These include Maxillofacial Prosthesis, Fixed Prosthesis, Orthodontics and Auxiliaries, and Removable Prosthesis. All of the above mentioned specializations can be opted in the online programs as well.

Q:What is the purpose of opting for the online dental laboratory schools?

A:The online dental laboratory schools offers applicants the opportunity of taking full-time or part-time employment opportunities alongside studying. The online dental technician schools also allow applicants to save quite a bit in comparison to campus based schooling. Students are allowed to schedule their own classes and take the class from anywhere in the world with a single internet connection.

Q:Can you become a dental lab technicain after a 4 year degree?

A:There is no Dental Lab Technician course that is of 4 years. This is because the Dental Lab Technician program is available as a certification. However, you may wish to opt for the BS - Healthcare Management Degree Completion program at Bellevue University. What the 4 years bachelors degree would do is provide you the basic know how of the dental lab technician applications and also more than just that.

Q:I have found a couple of certified dental technician schools in az, do I need to attend the on-campus classes?

A:If you are already working or have some other responsibilities that make it hard for you to take time out to attend on-campus classes at certified dental technician schools in AZ, you can always enroll into an online course. Online courses can be attended by anyone at any location as you will not need to attend any on-campus classes and can easily study from home at your own convenience.

Q:Which certification board is responsible for certifying students with online dental tech degrees?

A:After students graduate with an online dental technician degree, they must take the certification exams to receive licenses. The certification and licensing is under the authority of the NATIONAL Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL). This board conducts all certification exams of dental technicians. The certification helps boost a career and increases the credibility of the degree earned in this field.

Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying at the on-line dental lab technician schools?

A:The on-line dental lab technician schools offer a flexible and convenient study environment. You can study from home or work place at your own pace. These programs are also relatively cheaper than the on-campus courses.They feature virtual forums and classrooms, however, some students prefer on-campus programs since they need the feel of a proper classroom to get them motivated. It all depends on your preference.

Q:Which courses are taught at Dental Laboratory Technician Schools?

A:Most Dental Lab Schools offer training in disciplines like denture techniques, orthodontics, pedodotincs, ceramics techniques, crowns and bridge, and dental anatomy. Comprehensive learning in these areas can enable students to clear the exam conducted by National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology, the clearance of this exam results in students becoming Certified Dental Technicians.

Q:Can you give names of some online dental technician schools?

A:Argosy University, South University Online, Penn Foster Career School, Kaplan University, DeVry University offer online dental technician degree programs.

Q:How can I become a dental technician?

A:To be a practicing dental technician in America, you need to have a certified degree. Certified dental programs have to be accredited with the American Dental Association. You can take a diploma, an associate, a certificate or pursue a 4-year bachelor degree to be a dental technician. You can also become a dental technician via distant education program.

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