Alternative Medicine Schools

Alternative medicine refers to the treatment of patients using unconventional medicines and practices such as acupuncture, herbal medicines, homeopathy, naturopathy and more. It is the practice of health care without the use of drugs generally used by traditional medical practitioners. The alternative medicines are used to improve the wellbeing of a person, prevent illnesses and cure existing symptoms. It generally refers to any health care approach that is not part of conventional medicine or medical practices.

Accredited Alternative Medicine Schools

There are a number of alternative medicine schools which provide degrees in holistic healing. These educational institutions teach health care which does not involve surgery or medicines. Students of alternative medicine schools learn a number of healing skills in the areas of energy therapy, reiki, polarity therapy and spiritualism, among others.
Various accredited alternative medicine schools are available to choose a suitable degree from. You can choose from an Associate’s degree to an undergraduate or even a postgraduate program in alternative healing. Depending on your chosen area of study in the field of alternative medicine, programs can range from 2 to 6 years. Some people choose to do shorter certificate courses and begin their career as an alternative healer more quickly.

Areas of Study in Alternative Healing

Alternative medicine schools teach students to improve the health of patients whether physical or mental, through the use of natural medicines and techniques not involving conventional medical practices. Alternative healing education involves learning about spiritual and metaphysical practices combined with healing treatments.

Such schools teach the importance of nutrition and the role vitamins and minerals play inside a person’s body. Naturally occurring products such as plants and herbs are used to treat many deficiencies and symptoms. The promotion of mental and spiritual health is also taught through arts such as poetry, dance, music and more. The energy systems that function within a person are also studied in order to improve a person’s state of mind. Courses in homeopathy, acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming are all part of an alternative medicine school’s curriculum.

Career Options for Alternative Medicine Schools Graduates

Graduates of alternative medicine schools learn to improve and maintain a patient’s state of wellbeing. They can treat most common ailments including flu, cold, headaches, indigestion, infections of the ear and the urinary tract, sprains, strains and arthritis. Students from these schools can also help relieve the pain and mental stress of conditions such as migraines, cancer, pregnancy, birth and depression. Graduates of alternative medicine schools are well versed in the promotion of mental health, as well as in non-invasive therapies which use alternative medicines made from plants and herbs. Depending on your area of interest, you can begin a career as an energy healer, chiropractic, acupuncture specialist, herbalist, massage therapist, yoga instructor or Ayurvedic healer, among other options.
If you are passionate about helping those in pain, be it mental or physical, and believe in a holistic approach to medicine, a degree in alternative medicine may be perfect for you. Combining physical health with mental wellbeing for the promotion of an individual’s overall happiness is the aim of alternative medicine. Alternative medicine schools can be the stepping stones which lead to successful careers as alternative health specialists.   

How Long Does It Take to Graduate from an Alternative Medicine School?

There are many schools in the US, such as the University of Florida, the Northern Vermont University, the Maryland University of Integrative Health and the Ashford University, that are offering programs in alternative medicine. Students can enroll in a 4-year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Wellness and Alternative Medicine, a 4-year Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Complementary and Alternative Health, or a 1-year long Master of Integrative Healthcare Leadership.

What Are the Requirements to Graduate from an Alternative Medicine School?

Students have to complete approximately 36 credits to graduate from the Master of Integrative Healthcare Leadership and around 91 credits to graduate from a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Integrative Health Sciences. They have to study a range of courses like Contemporary Health Issues, Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, Applied Herbal Pharmacology, Homeopathy, Internal Medicine, Surface Anatomy, Native American Healing and Biomedical Microbiology etc.

How Much Can I Make after Graduating from an Alternative Medicine School?

After graduating from an alternative medicine school, individuals can choose to work as Natural Medicine Practitioners, Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Massage Therapists earned an annual median pay of $41,420 in May 2018. There were 160,300 jobs in this field in 2016. Also, the employment in this field is projected to grow by 26% from 2016 to 2026.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you name a few Alternative Medicine Schools?

A:Yes. There are various accredited Alternative Medicine Schools. These include Bastyr University, Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin, Ayurvedic Institute, Academy of Natural Therapies, Clayton College of Natural Health, Desert Institute of the Healing Arts, John F. Kennedy University - Graduate School for Holistic Studies, Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and California College of Ayurveda.

Q:While searching for the best school for Alternative Medicine, I came across Bachelor of Alternative Medicine program. Can you brief me about it?

A:It is common to come across Bachelor of Alternative Medicine program while searching for best school for Alternative Medicine online, because it is one of the most sought for degree programs in the field. Some of the courses that you will get to study include, pathophysiology, intro to homeopathy: acute conditions, the maori way, botany & herbal cultivation, the pacific way and materia medica.

Q:While searching for online Chinese Medicine training programs, I came across Bachelor of Chinese Medicine program. Can you tell me the contents of this program?

A:Among a number of online Chinese Medicine training programs, one is Bachelor of Chinese Medicine. In this four year program, individuals will get to study a number of courses. Some of these topics are CM herbal processing, acupuncture, CM dietary therapy & health maintenance, CM clinical studies, CM pharmacology, musculature traumatology and CM ear, eye, nose, throat and pediatrics.

Q:Do alternative medicine colleges offer online degrees?

A:Yes there are plenty of alternative medicine colleges that offer online degrees. If you enroll in an online program there are several advantages that come with it. To begin with online students can study from the comfort of their homes as they do not have to show up for classes.

Q:What will I learn in holistic medicine schools?

A:Most of the alternative medicine schools offer courses that focus in particular field or modality. This will mean that you can end up studying naturopathy or herbal medicine, flower remedies or acupuncture. However it should be kept in mind that health problems cannot be solved by one particular modality. This is where holistic medicine comes in: it combines various treatments to get best results.

Q:What do the schools for alternative medicine focus on?

A:Schools for alternative medicine are concerned with studies that give knowledge of natural methods and medicines that can be used to treat patients for physical or mental problems. It may deal with homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicines as well as spiritual practices. The subjects can vary according to the nature of the program.

Q:Can I find alternative medicine schools online?

A:There are plenty of alternative medicine schools online that offer degree programs as well as diplomas and short term courses. Alternative medicine deals with traditional or herbal methods of treatment unlike medical treatments that uses drugs. You can check the subjects offered from the website of the online college and can also check the admission criteria and course duration.

Q:What are alternative medicine schools online?

A:Alternative medicine is a branch of healthcare that emphasizes on conventional medical treatments such as homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and Ayurveda. Students who wish to prepare for a career in alternative medicine can start off by enrolling in an alternative e medicine degree program. It is now possible to earn this degree online without having to join a campus based institute.

Q:Holistic medicine schools online are becoming very popular. Can you tell me what this academic principle is all about?

A:Holistic medication is basically a form of healing and treatment that focuses on spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of a human body. This field is also known as alternative medicine. Many colleges have now started offering specialized degree programs in this area to students who want to become a holistic doctor.

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