Medical Transcription Classes

Medical transcription is the process by which audio recordings by doctors and other healthcare professionals are converted to text. A medical transcriptionist listens to recordings and transcribes these audio reports into text format reports. It is essential for these recordings to be correctly transcribed. Therefore it is crucial for medical transcriptionists to understand medical jargon, terminology, illnesses and treatments. It is also important for medical transcriptionist to be well versed in the use of English grammar and punctuation. As word processing software are used to record the text format of an audio recording, an expert in medical transcription also needs to be trained in the use of such software. It is important for those planning on entering this field to enroll in medical transcription classes to gain the knowledge required. 
The Importance of Medical Transcription

Doctors and other healthcare professionals make voice recordings regarding details of a patient’s illnesses and treatments. A medical transcriptionist listens to these recordings on a headset and using a pause and play technique transcribes the recording into text format using word processing software. The typed report is then sent back to the doctor for rechecking to ensure correctness. Medical professionals record reports in audio format regarding patient medical history, operation reports, autopsy reports and consultations. Pathology reports, psychiatric reports and x-ray reports are just some of the other reports that medical transcriptionists may be required to transcribe. It is important that reports are transcribed correctly to ensure the correct treatment is given where required. 
Medical Transcription Programs and Degrees
Medical transcription degrees are available at the Associate level for those who wish to train in this field. Medical transcription classes offered during the course of the 1 to 2 year Associate degree include courses on medical terminology, human anatomy and treatments. An Associate degree in medical transcription can be found online as well as at a campus-based setting. 9 – 12 months of study can equip you with the skills you will require to make a successful entry into this field. 
Students are familiarized with medical procedures, abbreviations, diseases and illnesses. Medical transcription students also learn of legalities related to medical documentation. When choosing medical transcription classes, it is important to pick a school where the curriculum provides practical experience as well. A good medical transcription school offers a curriculum which is specifically designed keeping in mind the actual work a medical transcriptionist will be doing during the course of a job. 
careers in Medical Transcription
Those who have enrolled in medical transcription classes and have received the required training can find jobs at hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Medical transcriptionists also have the option of working from home which is facilitated by the prevalent use of the Internet. Doctors and other medical professionals can send over audio recordings and medical transcriptionists can send text format reports back for verification. Those medical transcriptionists who work on site at clinics may have some additional job responsibilities such as scheduling appointments and checking in patients. The education acquired through medical transcription classes can form the foundation on which you can build a successful career.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is better? Taking medical transcription classes online or in a regular institute?

A:A complete medical transcription course takes about 1 to 2 year for an Associate degree, with courses on medical terminology, human anatomy and treatments. Taking the same course online will also consume the same amount of time, about 9 – 12 months of study. during this time you will become equipped with the skills required for a successful entry into this field. So studying in a regular medical school or studying online does not make much difference, but it is preferable to study in a regular school, since there you will be provided practical experience as well which is good for your future prospects.

Q:What will I learn if I enroll myself in a medical transcription online training program?

A:The training program will focus on fundamental concepts involved in the management of medical records for different health care facilities. You will learn to effectively manage patient information. For this you will be given a thorough understanding of the medical terminologies related to disease diagnosis and treatment. You will also be trained to use this information in processing medical claims.

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