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Art and design careers have always been associated with creative and talented individuals. These professionals are directly responsible for influencing and promoting our culture and have helped in portraying the true picture of our society. The last two decades has seen an exponential growth for the media industry and this has in turn produced a number of challenging art and design jobs. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics acts as the fact finding agency for the U.S. Government. According to its recent statistics, this industry is expected to grow by 10% over the next few years. This growth will not only help in the creation of more jobs but will also give individuals an opportunity to channel their creativity in a productive manner. 

Students interested in pursuing a career in art and design can take comfort in the fact that technological advancements have opened up a number of avenues. Pre internet era saw professionals working as lowly paid painters, sculptors and illustrators, however today artists and designers find themselves working in the highly lucrative media industry. Multimedia artists, animators and art directors are just some of the examples of this evolutionary process. The entertainment industry particularly Hollywood has played a major role in influencing youngsters all across the United States to enroll in arts and design programs. With ground breaking concepts and technologies being introduced every day, there is huge potential for anyone looking to start a career in art and design

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