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Developed and administered by the College Board, the SAT test is a standardized college admittance exam. The test is the most widely used entrance exam in the United States today, and is equally popular in a number of other countries. The test is designed to evaluate students in areas such as critical reading, mathematics, and writing. The SAT is divided into three sections, with each being scored on a scale of 200–800 points. The average SAT score is 1500 points.

The exam is divided into three sections, each used to evaluate and assess a student’s skill and knowledge in a certain area. The test consists of three major sections: critical reading section, writing section, and a mathematics section. Questions are structured in such a way that tests an applicant’s ability to critically analyze problems and solve them, and display acceptable writing skills.

Preparing for the SAT

It is recommended that students finishing high school should take the SAT, as many universities base their admission decisions on SAT scores. A number of test prep schools now offer SAT classes for students interested in taking the exam. The Princeton Review and Kaplan Test Prep are a few of the places where one can join SAT test prep classes.

Why take the SAT?

No one can deny the benefits of taking the SAT test. Getting a chance to enroll in a renowned college and fulfilling academic objectives is every student’s dream. But to make this dream come true, it is important to fulfill the admission requirements of the desired college. This will usually include the submission of a SAT score. So enroll in a test prep program now and give yourself the best chance of going to your favorite college.

SAT 10 Practice

SAT and College Admission

SAT scores play a vital role in the college admission process. While a number of factors – such as high school GPAs, class ranking, and involvement in community activities – are considered with each application, an SAT score can be the deciding factor. Any SAT score above the average of 1500 is considered good, but a score of 2100 or more can significantly improve your chances of getting admitted to a college of your choice. Therefore, it is extremely important that you prepare well for the test.

Preparing for the SAT

When it comes to preparing for the SAT, prospective test-takers are advised to practice, practice, and then practice some more. By using programs such as SAT 10 practice programs, you can know the test format, and types of questions that may be asked. SAT 10 practice test programs also allow you to view your performance, so that you can identify your weak areas, and prepare better for the actual exam. Additionally, practice tests also allow you to better manage your time, so that you can do better on the SAT.

A large number of SAT prep courses are available online and in traditional settings. With dozens of these courses on offer, it can be quite hard to make a choice. This is where we come in – our free test prep comparison tool can help you select the best SAT prep course. You can view key information such as cost, duration, medium of instruction, and distance from your location about the programs available in your area, and select the SAT prep course that best matches your needs. SAT 728x90

SAT Math

Every high school graduate in the country wants to score high on the SAT test, but getting an impressive score is easier said than done. SAT Math Prep is one of the biggest issues for most students as analyzing all the information within the specified time limits is quite a challenge. Therefore, it is important to brush up on your high school math and do plenty of practice in order to be well prepared for the SAT test. You should also be familiar with the test layout and the types of questions that may be included in the math section.

There are many SAT prep course providers offering dozens of courses and it can be quite a challenge to pick a program. Simple Tuition can do the work for you and that too for free. Just enter your zip code into our free test prep course comparison too, and in no time, you can have a list of the programs available in your area. You can view these courses based on the class settings, such as traditional or online settings, price, rating and location. What’s more, you can also read reviews written by other students who have taken the same courses. This information can help you make an informed decision and select the SAT prep course that matches your particular needs best.
Once you have selected a test prep program, you can apply for it online, and you can also get up to 30 percent off on the market price. SAT 728x90

SAT Math Practice Questions

Preparing for SAT

To prepare for this test you can get a guide book or seek help from a tutor. Also, you can look for online websites that offer SAT practice tests. On these websites, you will get SAT math practice questions as well as sample question on other sections. The mathematics section of the SAT is also known as the Quantitative Section or Calculation Section. SAT practice math questions will make you familiar with all types of questions that you will have to attempt in this section including multiple choice questions and grid-in questions. By making use of the SAT math practice questions online you will be able to prepare for this section well, which in turn will allow you to maximize your score in this section.

There are a number of websites that offer SAT practice questions. This is why some students may find it hard to pick the best one. Using our online Comparison Tool can help you pick the best test prep program. So before you choose any SAT practice test use this tool which can save your money and time and also help you prepare in an effective manner. SAT 728x90

SAT Score Calculator

The SAT format

The SAT takes 3 hours and 45 minutes to finish. The test assesses a student’s skills in 3 sections: writing, math and critical reading skills. There is also a fourth section which is not scored and could be on writing, math or critical reading. The objective is to test a candidate’s ability to think critically and to analyze and solve problems.

How is the SAT scored?

The 3 sections are worth 800 points each and the total maximum score that a test-taker can obtain is 2400. The SAT score calculator estimates scores based on a bell-curve. This means, that a test-taker’s median score on each of the 3 sections will be approximately 500.

A candidate’s score report will also have his/her score’s percentile rankings. For example, if his/her score in the reading skills is in the 90th percentile, then it means that he/she did better than 89 percent of the test-takers in the country in the reading section.

How to prepare for the SAT?

There are many ways to prepare for the SAT and some may appeal to you more than others based on your learning style and preferences. The College Board, a nonprofit organization which owns the SAT, offers various study guides and online courses for the students. In addition, there are many SAT prep course providers in the market with different modes of instruction, fees, program durations and ratings. The Comparison Tool at our website will help you find the right prep course for you. These test prep course providers offer one-to-one tutoring, online lessons and practice materials. You should consider availing these services and especially going over previous SAT questions. SAT 728x90

SAT Scores Percentiles

Understanding SAT Scores Percentiles

SAT scores range between 200 and 800, while the writing portion includes sub-scores for the essay and multiple choice questions. Students with a higher SAT score have better chances of getting admitted to a college of their choice. Having a higher SAT score can also pave the way for a scholarship.

SAT scores percentiles allow college staff to compare a student’s score with that of others. A student’s percentile indicates the percentage of students who scored lower than them on the SAT. For example, a student with a score of 700 for example, scored more than 96 percent of other test takers. Similarly, a student with a score of 500 scored more than 54 of other students. SAT score percentiles are based on research carried out and published by The College Board, the creators of the SAT.

What Your Score Means for College Admission

Many college profiles mention certain SAT scores against certain percentiles of students. These scores are based on the performance of the previous year’s graduating class. If a score of 500 has a percentile of 50, that means 50 percent of the students scored 500 or lower on their SATs. Having a higher score on the SAT greatly improves the chance of gaining admission at a preferred school. By understanding the SAT scores percentiles, students can easily know their chances of admission at a particular college. They can also figure out which other colleges they should apply to, and which ones can be chosen as safety schools.

Taking the SAT

Until 2005 taking the SAT’s was a much easier decisions to make than it is now. Since 2006 things have changed and decision making has become much tougher. Students applying for college are supposed to take the new SAT I now. This is a combination of the old SAT II writing test with elements of Level I Math test included. Due to this the decision of which subjects to get tested for, no longer lies with the colleges. It is now up to the students to decide which test’s to take and most are not enjoying this new found power.

Which subjects to chose from?

It is not mandatory for test subjects to be different from general subjects. Yet admission committees would prefer to be able to judge students based on their performance in different subject areas.  So, it's advisable to take the SAT II test in a variety of subjects.

Which levels to choose from?

However, for students who want to shine with the scores of their best subjects, here is some advice. If you have chosen to take the SAT II Math test, remember that it comes in two variations, Level I and Level II. It’s up to the students to pick the one they think they can score more highly on.  A few colleges and universities have made things simple by refusing to accept the Level I math test, so all applicants have to take Level II math test. If students chose to pick algebra, algebra II, and geometry with no other math courses, they need to focus on Level I Math. The Level II test is for students who have chosen trigonometry or pre-Calculus, along with two years of algebra and geometry.

However, it is good to remember that Level II scores tend to impress admissions committees more than a Level I score does. So for students who have voluntarily picked math as their test subject, it’s preferable to take the Level II test.

SAT Vocabulary

Train the Brain for SAT Vocabulary

Memorizing the various SAT Vocabulary lists is no easy feat. Vocabulary is something that is accumulated over time. But if the challenge is to build it overnight or in a matter of weeks-the student needs to understand a few basic things about the human brain first.

The Vivid Mnemonics

The brain works better when it is stimulated visually. It will retain data more efficiently if the data can be tied up with a strong emotion, vision, taste, smell or story.  If training the mind to retain information is the goal, then learning the “Vivid Mnemonics” technique is a must.

An example of this is: Acrimonious (adj.) : Acrid, Sharp, Pungent, Bitter.

Memorizing it in this manner is easy but the memory will be lost within a few moments.

The Vivid Mnemonics Technique

Bite on a lemon. Experiencing the sharp, pungent taste of the lemon combined with the acrid, bitter taste of the lemon skin will introduce the word ACRIMONOUS to the brain. And since the meaning was derived with the help of the mouth, the brain is bound to remember that it is used in terms of speech, language and words. For example: the president was greeted by an ACROMONIOUS speech by the leader of the opposition. Relate as many examples as you can with ACRIMONOUS and rest assured that the word has been added to your memory and you can use it correctly on your SAT exam. This has been made possible because now the brain can relate this word to a real and physical memory. The word is now tied up with a real experience the brain was involved in (the lemon tasting)

Expansive Benefits

Now with the Vivid Mnemonics technique you can train your mind to retain new vocabulary and quickly learn  SAT Vocabulary words. While something as extreme as biting on a lemon will not be necessary with every word, relating words with something funny, emotional, or maybe just a story will surely do the trick.

In the end, a general piece of advice: start right now, since learning new words is not the only goal, also try and use them in your day to day conversation as well. This way you will not just pass your SAT with flying colors, but will be more articulate in expressing yourself.

SAT Writing

About SAT Writing

The SAT writing section is one of the most important parts of the test. This compulsory section is designed to evaluate the test takers’ writing ability and critical thinking skills. In order to get a good score on the SAT test, it is important to do well on the SAT writing portion. Getting a good score on the SAT can change the course of a person’s life and therefore, it is important to understand the components of the test, and be well prepared for it.

Preparing for SAT Writing Test

There are numerous providers that offer prep courses for the SAT test writing portion. These courses are offered in a traditional classroom environment or via online classes. A number of notable test prep providers such as the Princeton Review and Kaplan Test Prep offer these SAT writing preparation programs. The specially designed writing test prep courses will help improve your writing skills, better manage your time and space, and convey the information and ideas that matter to the reader. Leading test prep specialists who have been through the entire process themselves are always available to guide you, provide writing tips, and offer other valuable advice for the test day.

Choosing the Right Test Prep Program

With dozens of test prep courses on the market, it can be hard to make a choice. You can make the entire process much easier by using our free test prep course comparison tool. This tool will allow you to view key information about different test prep courses available in your area. You can use this free comparison tool to make an informed decision and select the test prep course that best suits your needs.

Each section is tested on a scale of 200-800. The scores are based on a percentile relative to other candidates taking the test. Each section receives a raw score which is later converted to a scaled score through a procedure called equating. This helps make the scores more comparative and accurate, allowing students to determine whether their SAT scores for college are good enough or not.

Scores Needed for College

SAT scores are used by most universities as a criteria for admissions. It is important to understand that scoring high on your SAT can help you get into your dream college. Every university has its own selection criteria for SAT scores. Students with scores falling in the 50th-70th percentile have a higher chance of getting accepted by top institutes in the nation. To make sure you have the SAT scores needed for college, enroll in a SAT test prep class now. A number of test prep centers are offering customized classes that will provide you with knowledge and skills needed to perform optimally on your SAT exam. Check out our Comparison Tool and find a SAT test prep course that best suits your academic and financial needs.

University of Virginia (UVA)

The University of Virginia is one of the oldest colleges in North America and was founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson. The Princeton Review© ranks the college as the 2nd best public college in the United States in terms of value for money and is regarded by many as one of the finest colleges in the country. The college is mainly based in Charlottesville, Virginia and is divided up into 11 schools. The college offers 51 degrees at undergraduate level in 47 subject areas; and 81 degrees at postgraduate level in 55 subjects, with a further 57 doctoral degrees in 55 subject areas.

The SATs and UVA

As with any college with such a high reputation, the SAT scores for UVA must be strong; and in addition, the college will consider other qualities, such as extra-curricular activities, when reviewing applications.

Approximately only 1/3 of applicants are successful in their application to UVA. Therefore, to really stand out, a candidate really must have the best SAT score that he/she is capable of.  It is reported that the majority of students admitted achieved just over 700 in all three disciplines for the SAT (Critical Reading, Math and Writing). Currently, less than 1% of all students achieve such a score in the United States. Therefore you would have to do you very best, in the SAT’s, before you can realistically consider UVA.

Preparatory Courses

In order for you to achieve the very best SAT score for UVA, you may benefit from a specialist preparatory course. The internet is full of SAT course providers and this website can certainly help you find the course that is best for you. Our widget searches from a number of preparatory courses offered by Kaplan, Princeton Review and Bench Prep and fishes out the best possible option. The search is based on a number of factors and provides students with the price, location and rating of the course. This not only helps students avoid internet scams, it also nudges them in the right direction.

Stanford SAT Scores

Stanford University has the fourth lowest acceptance rate in America, admitting only 7% of its applicants. In order to get admitted into the prestigious college, all of the applicants must have exceptional GPA’S, phenomenal college essays, well rounded college applications, and most importantly, they must have laudable SAT scores. Average Stanford SAT Scores range between 2010 and 2300.

Stanford only accepts some of the brightest minds and those who are admitted have exemplary grades and SAT scores. The average SAT score is 1538, while the average Stanford University SAT scores are nearly 670 to 960 points higher. Here, it becomes evident that SAT Scores for Stanford are anything but mediocre. The SAT is composed of three test sections, Critical Thinking, Mathematics, and Writing. After examining the average student’s total, the average score in each of the three sections seems to surface around 500. Due to the increase in total points in the score of Stanford students, it can be estimated that a Stanford student manages to achieve over 200 points more in each component of the test when put in comparison to the average student in the nation. At this information, it can be perceived that Stanford University strives for excellence, and then some.

Competing in the Ivy League, and representing what is arguably the highest level of education on the West Coast, this school serves as an unstoppable powerhouse to the public, with limitless potential. The progress this university has made since its establishment is remarkable and near indescribable to say the least, seeing that its tuition fees were non-existent until the year 1930. In 1893, the school nearly faced its demise at the hands of an ambitious earthquake. After it was revived, it met great success at an extensive rate. Perhaps Stanford’s most momentous achievement was a precursor to the Internet, the linear accelerator, one out of the original ARPANET nodes.

Princeton SAT Scores

When it comes to selecting the best Ivy League universities, Princeton is right up there. This popular institute is located in New Jersey and it offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. It is recognized for its quality, state of the art educational facilities. Hundreds of students apply for admission each year at Princeton University. One of the major admission requirements is a high SAT score.

Scores needed for Princeton University

If joining Princeton University is your academic dream, it is important that you acquire a high SAT score. It is one of the most fundamental requirements for securing an enrollment in any one of its degree programs. Being ranked as one of the most selective colleges in the nation, Princeton University SAT scores of students fall in the 75th percentile or above. This means SAT scores for Princeton University should be above 2100. This score is an accumulative score of critical reading, mathematics, and writing.

There are a number of test prep centers offering campus based and online SAT classes. By taking these classes, you can prepare yourself for the test and make sure you acquire Princeton SAT scores. By using our search tool, you can select a customized SAT prep course offered by popular test prep schools. Getting accepted into Princeton University means you can fulfill your academic dreams and prepare yourself for a great career ahead. Princeton offers excellent faculty and educational services, making the experience one of a kind. So make sure you give it your all in your SAT exam and increase your probability of making it to this Ivy League institute.

What are Good SAT Scores

A good SAT score is that will easily get you into the academic institute of your choice. A SAT test basically consists of: Critical Reading, Math, and Writing. Scores of each section can vary from 200 to 800, with the average score of each section being 500. This brings the average score to 1500 and the best score to around 2400. For the 1.65 million took the test in 2011, with average scores reaching to 497 in critical reading, 514 in math, and 489 in reading. However, it is important to remember that a SAT score is not the sum total of any student’s intellect; in fact the score is an indicator of a student’s performance in comparison with that of the other 2 million students taking this test every year. Scores can vary dramatically due to the mood of the student on the test day or how well he or she may have prepared.

That said, on a total score of 2400 (800 critical reading, 800 math, 800 writing)

  • a score of 1650 to 1800 is good enough for admission in many colleges
  • a score of 1800 to 2100 is better
  • a score more than 2100 will get you admission into the college of your choice.

So unless you have scored a perfect 2400 or 36 on your very first try, remember that there is always room for improvement.

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