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All prospective medical students are required to take the Medical College Admission test before applying in accredited medical colleges for higher studies. This is a computerized test that is designed to evaluate a student’s readiness for medical education at college level.  The test was first introduced in 1926, and over the years, it has evolved into an integral component of medical schools admission procedures. It is held all year round at multiple test centers in many states.


The exam comprises of four test areas: Biological sciences, verbal reasoning, physical sciences, and a writing sample. Apart from the writing sample, all sections are tested through a multiple choice question format. The test is designed to evaluate reasoning skills, problem solving skills, and writing skills of candidates, and assess proficiency in application of scientific principles.

Benefits of MCAT

Many medical colleges in the country recommend students to take the test before applying for admission. The higher your MCAT test score, the greater the probability of getting accepted in a renowned medical school. You can fulfill your dream of earning a degree from a medical school by taking the MCAT.

MCAT Classes

Test prep centers such as the Princeton Review now offer MCAT test prep classes to students. These classes are specifically designed to meet the academic needs of diverse students. Students learn about the various components of the exam and the structure. The main objective of these classes is to equip students with knowledge and skills that are tested in the MCAT.

How to study for the MCAT

Like other standardized tests, you can find a variety of preparatory courses and materials for the MCAT exam. These courses are designed to show students how to prepare for the MCAT test and some even offer dedicated counseling services in order to help students develops the skills necessary to succeed in this exam. Students can also find some useful resources through the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Test prep companies offer comprehensive courses to students who wish to appear in the MCAT exam. These courses include various resources including extensive study material, as well as question banks and practice tests. Some of these companies also offer conditional money back guarantees and discounts on early enrollment.

Options to Prepare for MCAT

When it comes to preparing for an important exam like the MCAT, students can avail many options, including online courses and enrolling at a dedicated preparation center. The state-of-the-art comparison tool on our website can help you compare the best options and select the one that suits your needs and future goals best.


This course will not only arm students with the related knowledge which will help them answer the questions in the test, but also get them acclimatized with the level of stress they will be under while taking the test and the skills required to pass through each level of MCAT. Therefore, it is important to remember that if MCAT is the determining factor of what the future holds, it is crucial that students acquaint themselves with it and be well prepared.

MCAT Prep Courses

A good prep course should not be so formidable that it instills a fear of the real MCAT in the students mind. A good MCAT prep course and tutor will make the test seem approachable for the students. Here are some essential factors of what a good MCAT test is like.

  • A good MCAT test prep course should cover as much ground as possible, meaning that it needs to be as closely relevant to the subject and syllabus being covered in the test as possible. This also means having as much practice material as possible. Practicing with a sizeable question bank will greatly decrease the student’s performance anxiety.
  • A good MCAT prep course is not just comprehensive but well planned too. It is crucial that the test be distributed into several well timed parts so that it covers each subject but in a given amount of time and space.
  • Most importantly, this course will not only be student friendly but tutor friendly as well.  The efficiency of an MCAT course is greatly enhanced if the tutor is confident and comfortable with the study-plan and layout of the course.

MCAT Registration

If you want to register for the MCAT you need to keep a few things in mind. It is essential to register early for this examination keeping in view that test centers and dates can fill up fast. You must read the MCAT Essentials publication available on the Association of American Medical Colleges website that has important information about MCAT registration, test preparation and other details. MCAT is offered throughout the year so you need to find the dates on the AAMC website and select a date that allows you to meet the application deadlines for the medical college where you intend to apply. You also need to decide where you would like to take MCAT as it is administered all over the US as well as around the world. Using the MCAT Scheduling and Registration System on the Association of American Medical Colleges website you can register online for this test. Make an account on this website and have your credit card, social security number as well as your choice of center and test date handy.

MCAT and College Admission

Your MCAT score is very important to make your way into a medical college of your choice. This is why it is recommended to practice for this examination well before taking it. You can get professionals help to prepare for this test or practice using software or books. Also, you can use test prep websites for this purpose that will help you practice and score high in MCAT.

Before you settle for a test prep program online, use our online comparison tool that can help you compare different companies that offer MCAT test prep programs so that you can choose the best option and save time and also maximize your chances of acing this test.

hThis score report will contain five separate scores—one for each section of the test, and a composite score. The three multiple choice sections—Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, and Biological Sciences—are scored based on the number of correct answers. The Writing Sample’s essays are read and scored independently, and then added and converted into an alphabetical scale ranging from J to T.

In addition to the five separate scores, the score report states the national mean score for each section, standard deviations, and the national scoring profiles for each section. The complexity of the MCAT cannot be underestimated, nor can the test be taken lightly.  It is reported that the fail rate is currently over 60.

MCAT Preparatory Courses

Preparatory courses have been found to be quite effective in preparing students for MCAT. There are a number of preparatory courses available on the internet. Students are recommended to use the widget available on our website. Our widget searches from a number of preparatory courses and selects the best possible match. The search is based on a number of factors and provides students with the price, location and rating of the course. This not only helps students avoid internet scams, it also nudges them in the right direction.

The MCAT exam consists of four sections:

·  Physical Sciences
·  Verbal Reasoning

·  Biological Sciences
·  Writing Sample The first three sections follow a multiple choice question format, where points are awarded for correct answers. The last section consists of three writing tasks. Students are required to explain or interpret a topic statement, followed by writing an essay.

The Physical and Biological Sciences, and Verbal Reasoning sections on the MCAT are scored on a scale of 1 (lowest possible score) to 15 (highest possible score) each. These scores are added to get the total score. The MCAT score range for these sections ranges from the lowest score of 3 to the highest score possible, a 45.

The Writing Sample is scored from 1 to 6, and each score is then converted on an alphabetical scale, ranging from J to T. The MCAT score percentile range shows the number of total test-takers who have obtained a certain score. Students can use the MCAT percentile to find out how many test-takers have scored more than them, and where they stand. Medical schools rank students based on their percentiles, and a higher percentile improves the chances of being admitted to medical school.

Preparing for the MCAT

The MCAT is an integral part of the admission process at medical schools, and a higher score on the MCAT greatly improves your odds of getting into a college of your choice. With increasing competition, it is extremely important to prepare well for this exam. It is also important to know the format of the test, the types of questions that may be asked, and the scoring system. You should brush up on your high school subjects, and practice as much as possible. Taking a practice test under actual exam conditions can also help you do better on the MCAT. There are a number of test prep courses available that can help you prepare for the MCAT exam.

What is a good MCAT score

In order to be better prepared for the MCAT, it is important to understand about the material on the test, the types of questions that may be asked, the pattern of the exam, and the scoring system. This will help students better prepare for the exam.

The MCAT test is divided into the following three sections:

  • Physical Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Writing section

MCAT scores for the first three sections range from 1 (low score) to15 (high score). These scores are based on the number of correct answers given in each section, and then converted into the 1-15 score range.The writing section is further divided into two parts, with each being scored twice between a 1 (low) and a 6 (high). The average of these scores is then displayed on an alphabetic scale, where a “J” is the lowest and a “T” is the highest possible score.

Admissions staff at medical schools can view your composite MCAT score, as well as the score on each section while making a decision. The final admission decision takes into account a number of factors in addition to MCAT scores, such as GPA, class ranking, and participation in extracurricular activities. While preparing for the MCAT, it can help to know the average score at the medical schools you are applying to. Having an above average MCAT score may  make all the difference when it comes to making a decision on your application.

MCAT Verbal

MCAT Verbal is scored between a 1 and a 15 - 1 is the lowest score and 15 is the highest score. On the whole, the lowest MCAT score a student can score is 3 while 45 is the highest. Most medical institutes look for a combined MCAT score of 30 at least.

Preparing for the MCAT VR

Just like preparing for other sections of MCAT you can prepare for the VR section in a number of ways. You could get help from tutors and learning facilities. Also, you can purchase a test-prep book or software package which would help you become familiar with the method and type of questions that can be a part of VR. Another way to prepare to this exam is to practice online. Online practice tests are offered by a number of websites that can help you score well in your MCAT VR and other sections. All of these methods of preparation are very useful and can help you prepare for MCAT in the best possible manner, perking up your chances to enrolling in a medical college of your choice in a convenient manner.

MCAT Writing

MCAT Writing Score

Your test will be graded by a minimum of 4 readers. The final scores given to each of the two responses are calculated. This numeric score that range from 4 to 24 is converted to an alphabetic score that range from a low of J to a high of T.

Preparing for the MCAT WS

To prepare for your MCAT Writing you can take get help from private tutors. You can purchase a test-prep book or software package as well. This way you will be able to familiarize yourself with the method and type of essays that you may have to attempt. Also, you can prepare for this examination by practicing online. All of these methods of preparing for MCAT Writing Sample are very effective.

MCAT Scores and College Admission

Different colleges have different minimum acceptable MCAT scores. If you want to get into a medical college of your choice you must try to know the minimum required scores of the college where you want to land. A medical college also considers other factors such as your GPA, interview ratings, and letters of recommendation in addition to your MCAT score.

Using MCAT test prep programs online is a great way to perk up your chances of scoring high in this important examination. Our online widget can help you compare between different companies that offer this prep test. Using this tool will help you save money, time and you will also be able to study better and score higher on MCAT.

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