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ePrep is the brainchild of former Princeton graduates Karl Schellscheidt and Eric Barnes. The main purpose behind this endeavor is to provide quality instructional education for prospective college students. Although the company was established in 2005, the concept of ePrep is much older, and dates back to when Karl Schellscheidt tutored students at Princeton and realized the importance of a systematic approach to test preparation. Schellscheidt, together with Barnes eventually worked on this concept and turned it into reality.

About ePrep

It provides students with a number of preparatory courses that are designed to help them achieve their true potential. The available courses include ACT, PSAT, PLAN, SAT and SAT Subject Tests, and SSAT preparation. The methodology used to prepare students is quite simple and stresses on the importance of practice. With the help of expert instructors, students get the opportunity to take practice tests in an almost real test environment. This helps students to become familiar with the test conditions and time limit and allows them to modify their responses accordingly. Secondly, it identifies weaknesses and provides instructors with a roadmap of key areas where students require extra attention. One of the main reasons that ePrep is more effective than other preparatory courses is its unique approach that combines technology with knowledge. EPrep’s web based courses offer students visual demonstrations as opposed to written explanations making it easier to understand basic concepts.

Selecting Options

College preparatory exams are among the most important things in any student’s life and mark the path that a student must follow for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it is extremely important for both students and parents to make the right decision and select an appropriate preparatory course. With the internet full of preparatory courses that promise excellent results, it can be difficult to make the right decision. In order to help with this, students and parents are advised to check the Comparison Tool on our website. This tool provides information on different courses along with their cost and duration in addition to other relevant information. A look at the ratings and testimonials can also help students and parents make an informed decision.

ePrep ACT

The ACT is designed to assess a student’s ability to handle college level work. While all colleges and universities accept the ACT exam, some have a preference for other standardized tests. The ACT exam is scored on a scale of 1-36, and achieving a perfect score is very much possible. ePrep ACT courses are specially designed to increase the chances of achieving a perfect score on the exam.

The most distinguished feature of this course is that it is available online 24/7 in the form of interactive lessons and on-demand videos. Everything a student needs to be prepared for on the exam day be it confidence, information about the test itself, and of course academic knowledge and other vital skills, can be achieved through the preparatory course.

Choosing the Best Option

Getting into a top ranked university is by no means easy - a student needs to have a solid academic background in addition to a high standardized test score. There are many individuals and companies that offer tutoring for various standardized tests and a student needs to be sure about selecting the right course. Our website can help students make that decision correctly. By making use of our comparison tool, students can easily compare different test prep programs and find out their unique advantages, in addition to learning more about the modes of teaching, cost, and other important information.

ePrep SAT

It is specially designed to help you develop and improve the skills and knowledge required to ace the SAT exam in a relatively short period of time. ePrep SAT programs include engaging and personalized instruction for students around the clock through on-demand videos and interactive teaching.

There are three types of test date courses which provide candidates with dedicated plans for a particular SAT exam date. The three programs are called Express, Standard and Premium, and vary in duration from two to six months.

Apart from that there are also Bundled courses that include tutoring for more than one standardized test. These include the standard plus and premium plus bundled packages that allow you to prepare for both SAT and ACT exams, or a combination of other standardized tests.

The teaching methodology employed at eprep SAT makes use of the test grade review system. The student attempts one of the three sections of the SAT exam, offline and under a timer and then submits the answers online. At the last stage, the student makes use of the video review of test problems.Since actual tests are conducted on paper, ePrep provides printable tests online so that you can you can practice with them and become familiar with the format. Moreover through ePrep’s Study Hall each student can view their optimum scores and then work to achieve them.

Alternate options

There are always other options that you can explore for SAT preparation. You can compare various prep programs using the Comparison Tool on our website. This tool will allow you to compare various programs side by side so that you can make an informed decision and select a course that best suits your particular requirements.


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