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The SAT Reasoning Test is a standardized college admission test used throughout the United States. The test examines students in Mathematics, Critical Reading, and Writing. It is held 6 times each year, and is the key to gaining admission to a top-ranking college. The chances of gaining admission to a school of choice can also be increased if applicants, in addition to having excellent academic credentials, score high on the SAT test. A good SAT score can also help students in obtaining a scholarship which can make the journey through college much easier. While most students dread the SAT, the key to success in this test is hard work, proper preparation and a lot of practice. Students can find a number of test prep courses to help with SAT preparation, and finding the best course for self is an absolute must.

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Boston college SAT scores

Located in the scenic community of Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, Boston College is one of the leading private universities in New England. US News & World Report ranks the college on the 31st spot nationally, while the college’s undergraduate management, nursing, social work, and education programs are ranked among the top 25 in the nation. Forbes Magazine ranks the college as the 26th best in America, while Business Week places the Boston College Undergrad Business program at the 9th spot in the nation. 8 schools offer more than 22 degree programs to over 14000 students, and understandably, getting into Boston College is no easy task. A high SAT reasoning test score may be the key to securing a place at Boston College.

What is the SAT Reasoning Test?

The SAT reasoning test assesses a college-bound student’s readiness for a higher education. Test-takers are examined in the areas of critical reading, writing and math. These three sections are graded on a scale of 200 to 800 points. Average SAT scores generally fall around the 1538 point mark, which is considered an acceptable score at many colleges and universities. However, students admitted to top tier colleges such as Boston College generally tend to have higher scores than the average.

SAT Scores for Boston College

Boston College, unlike many others, does not specify a specific score or score range required from applicants. While all students are welcome to apply, given that the college is one of the top-ranked in the nation, prospective applicants should generally have a higher than average score on their SAT. It should be kept in mind that the SAT score is only one of the many requirements for admission. Other factors such as previous academic performance and extra-curricular activities also weigh heavily on an admission decision.

How to prepare for the SAT?

In order to improve your odds of getting admitted to Boston College, it is recommended that you join an SAT test prep course. There are dozens of courses available in traditional classroom settings and online as well. You can use the free test prep course comparison tool to get a list of the courses available in your area, and view key information about them. This information can make it much easier to choose an SAT test prep course.

Cornell SAT scores

Located in Ithaca, New York, Cornell University is one of the most prestigious institutes of higher learning in the country. An Ivy League school, Cornell boasts a highly qualified faculty and unparalleled, world-class research facilities. The university is known around the world for its programs in agriculture, biology, economics, engineering and management. While Cornell University is not as exclusive as Harvard, Yale or Princeton, it is nonetheless still one of the most selective colleges in the country.

Average SAT Scores for Cornell University

According to recently released statistics, average Cornell University SAT scores started in the 1900s. Most students who secured a place at Cornell during the last session had an “A” range GPA, combined with SAT scores of over 2000 in the critical reading, math, and writing sections. The average Cornell SAT scores on individual sections for the 25th and 75th percentile ranged between 630-730 for critical reading, and 670-770 for math. While many students would simply back out of even applying to an Ivy League school, the fact is that admission decisions are based on several factors. Excellent grades do not automatically guarantee admission – in fact, Cornell admits just 18 percent of all applicants. Having a good SAT score is one of many ways to increase the chances for admission at Cornell University. In order to do well on the SAT, applicants should be familiar with the test pattern, its sections, the types of questions that may be asked, and the scoring system. Prospective test-takers should also practice under realistic test conditions, and attempt practice exams in order to do better on the actual exam.

The university takes into account several factors when making an admission decision, and looks for students who show special talent and skills. Cornell holds a very holistic approach towards admissions – the admissions board looks for applicants who stand out due to a remarkable ability or achievement. Students who bring something special to the table are considered regardless of their grades and test scores. The last session saw a number of students with less than perfect GPA’s, and SAT scores under 1700 secure admission at Cornell.

Duke SAT scores

Duke University is one of the most prestigious and competitive institutes of higher learning in the United States. Duke is ranked among the top ten universities nationally, and is a member of the Association of American Universities. Duke is part of the ‘research triangle’ along with UNC Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University and boasts unparalleled research facilities. More than 15,000 students are enrolled in various undergraduate and graduate programs at Duke. Some of the popular majors at the university include Biology, Economics, English, Political Science, Psychology, and Public Policy. As one of the top ten universities in the nation, Duke is highly selective, with 16 percent of all applicants securing admission.

Average SAT Scores

The SAT exam consists of three sections:

  • Critical Reading (200-800)
  • Math (200-800)
  • Writing (200-800)

Students are awarded points for right answers. The total average score is 1538 points, and average scores for the three sections stand at 520 for Math, 510 for Writing, and 508 for the Critical Reading section. Most students applying to top-ranking schools such as Duke University have SAT scores over 2000, or in the 90th percentile group.

Average Duke University SAT Scores

Based on statistics for the last academic session, students with SAT scores of over 2000 or ACT composite scores above 29 were admitted to Duke University. Average SAT scores for the 25th and 75th percentile are 660-750 for Critical Reading, 690-780 for Math, and 670-770 for the Writing portion. A high SAT score is one way to improve your chances of gaining admission to Duke. The key to getting a good score on the SAT is preparing well, and practicing. It is also important to know about the different sections of the test, the types of questions that can be asked, and the scoring system.

It is important to note that an SAT score is not the only factor considered in the admissions process at Duke. The university also considers several other factors, including high school GPA, class ranking, and essays. In addition to academic factors, a student’s participation in extracurricular activities and community involvement may also play a part in the admission decision.


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