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A renowned test prep company, Benchprep offers various courses and programs for students who want to ace different examinations with maximum score. This company is well known for its interactive learning programs that allow students to equip themselves with skills and knowledge required to ace different tests. Students can benefit from a number of test prep programs by reaching out to Benchprep. These include prep courses for SAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT and more. The innovative and creative training programs help students to prepare for these tests without having to worry about a thing. Students can make use of test prep programs on their PC, iPhone, Android and iPad.

Integrating education with different mediums of technologies has made learning ‘on the go’ both a reality and a requirement. Today, internet and mobiles have taken over classrooms and have provided students with the convenience of virtual education. It is a learning resource that provides students with an opportunity to study using the most comprehensive course materials. Although Bench Prep does not provide any instructional guidance, it helps students understand the core concepts with its extensive curriculums. The course materials are comprehensively planned in collaboration with a number of renowned educational institutions. Some of the publishers who have partnered with Bench Pep are McGraw Hill Universities, Law School Admission Council (LSAC), John Wiley and Cengage Learning.

Bench Prep Features

One of the biggest advantages associated with Bench Prep is that it is online, and can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. It can also be accessed on I Phones, Android phones and I Pads. By using the synchronization option, students can start their course from where they left off. This option allows students to stay on top of their study plan which helps in better understanding. Students also get a break down analysis of their results after taking a practice test which helps in identifying their key areas of strengths and weaknesses. Another feature included in Bench Prep courses is the inclusion of hundreds of practice questions which can help students with their preparation. Some of the other options available are quality reading materials, word match which helps in memorizing words, book marks that flag important topics and flash cards which are used in memorizing new words.

Comparison Tool

It is important for students to make the right decision when searching for test preparatory courses. The right selection can help students in the long run and can assist them in scoring that coveted admission spot. In order to help students, our website has a test preparation comparison tool that selects from a number of courses. The comparison search takes a number of factors under consideration. And students are recommended to read the available testimonials in order to make a more informed decision.

BenchPrep GMAT

It is one of the most revolutionary mobile apps available for students preparing for their GMATs. The service is provided on iPad, iPhone and computers. Developed in collaboration with NovaPress and Finsage, the BenchPrep GMAT is an extremely convenient app and provides students with an exceptional quality and learning experience.

Features & Benefits

Among some of the most prominent features is the fact that students get to practice on all of the assignments included in a real GMAT test and take the mock test as frequently as they want to identify their weak areas by comparing their scores with previous results. The app also reviews your given answers through out the mock tests and pinpoints areas where you might need more work.  Another great feature worth noticing in this app is the review material available with each tests, this makes it easy for students to study the materials, prepare and get tested. On buying this app, students not only get to own the study material for the rest of their lives but all the important relevant data that comes with its test kit.

It also provides students with not only tutoring and guidance , but also helps them get in touch with others who might be taking the same test and using the same app and study material. This helps students to compare notes on each others individual study plans and how they can be improved even further.

If students are apprehensive about investing, they should check out benchprep’s official website and get comprehensive product reviews, screen shots and other course materials available on their site. This will help students to make an informed decision about whether they really need to buy this app or not. However, one thing is sure, It has helped thousand of students clear their GMAT with flying colors and has played a key role in preparing them for a successful life.

BenchPrep GRE

This is a cross-platform preparation and tutoring app for iPhones, iPads and computers. It contains standardized test material for math, science, language, professional certifications and more. At the moment about 200,000 students in 20 countries are using BenchPrep courses to help attain their educational goals. It is good to remember that while the download of the app itself is free, all study material provided in this kit has to be purchased.

BenchPrep GRE allows students to go through previous test material to get an idea of what’s to come, along with mock tests , study plans and study flashcards.  The students can also see and review there progress and score on the mock test, get to interact with other students taking this course to compare scores and study plans. It is always a good idea to share ideas and experiences with other students rather than study in isolation.

Benefits of BenchPrep GRE

Students using this course have shown to have a higher percentage of success in the GRE. The continuous exercise of taking mock test, not only helps identify the areas a student is weak in but helps them to focus more on their weak subjects with an innovative study flashcard system. The books and study material used by BenchPrep GRE app are endorsed by the world’s leading publishers like McGraw Hill, John Wiley, Cengage Learning and Princeton Review. But newer and better versions are always being worked on and is coming out with a better version soon which will have A social Q&A will allow users to post questions to be answered by peers and tutors; study groups for student interaction, SMS quizzes, notes sharing, wider range of mock tests, more options in study plans and innovative study tips.

Thanks to the new and improved App, students preparing for GRE will now be able to set mutual study dates with other students, receive alerts and share notes via the GRE app. This will also let students compete against each other and track each others progress.

Benchprep LSAT

LSAT is an important examination that is designed for students who want to get into a law school. In this test, the reading comprehension, logical, and verbal reasoning proficiencies of students are assessed. A number of companies offer LSAT prep programs that can help students to practice and prepare for this vital examination. Benchprep LSAT prep programs are one of the best test prep programs. They provide students with a number of tools, allowing them to know how to ace this test with maximum score. These training programs are very interesting and engaging. This is why students do not feel stressed. In fact, test prep programs by this company are very enjoyable. Students can make use of hundreds of practice questions other than having access to lot of useful reading material.

Why Benchprep?

Benchprep is one of the most reliable companies that offer test prep programs. Its training courses are not only effective but also affordable. Students who make use of these courses are always able to ace their test just as they desire. Our online comparison tool can help you compare between Benchprep programs and other companies that offer training programs for LSAT. By providing you with a comparison of the pros and cons of these programs, it will help you choose the most effective course. You will also get to save considerable money by picking the right LSAT course.

BenchPrep MCAT

BenchPrep offers standardized test preparatory courses. It has revolutionized the entire process of preparing for standardized tests by making study material available on iPads, iPhones, personal computers and Android devices. BenchPrep was started by two enterprising individuals, Ujjwal Gupta and Ashish Rangnekar. Rangnekar is a graduate of the University of Chicago, and teaches mathematics at the City University of New York.  Co-founder Gupta holds a PhD in Chemistry from Penn State and is also a published author.

About BenchPrep MCAT

The Medical College Admission Test also known as MCAT is a standardized test that prospective students must take in order to gain admission to medical school. It is a computer based test that examines students in their scientific concepts, writing skills, analytical, and critical thinking abilities, and problem solving skills. An MCAT exam is divided into four sections which are Biological Sciences, Writing Sample, Verbal Reasoning, and Physical Sciences. Students looking to make a career in the field of medicine need to learn and develop these skills in order to obtain the highest possible test score within the given time. This is where BenchPrep comes in – it is specially designed to help students develop the required techniques and gain the necessary knowledge that will help them achieve their goals.

The unique feature of this program is that it is the “world’s first and only cross-platform test prep course.” This unique feature enables BenchPrep students to access preparatory material online through a computer or mobile device. Students may also elect to sync their progress, meaning that their progress is automatically saved and they can just pick up from where they left. Bench Prep MCAT is guaranteed to help students perform better on exam day thanks to its many features, such as performance reports based on tests and quizzes, ample reading material, and numerous review questions.

Choosing the Best Option

Becoming a doctor is not exactly the easiest thing in the world, but it should not be the most difficult either. With the selection of the right type of preparatory MCAT course, getting into medical school is very much an achievable goal. Our comparison tool can help you make the choice of selecting the right course. This unique tool allows you to compare various programs, their costs, availability and other important information that will help you make the right decision for your future.

Benchprep SAT

If you want to maximize your score on the SAT, then consider the Benchprep SAT prep program. This program includes a wide array of features that will help you do your best on this test. You can make use of practice questions and tests. This way, you will an idea of which areas you need to devote more of your time, and understand how questions are posed in the exam. It also allows you to create bookmarks for reading material, test questions, and flashcards. You can also benefit from features such as ‘write custom notes’ that help to remind yourself of tips, questions, or concepts that you need to resume at a later time. Another feature of the SAT test program from this company includes a Reports and Analysis function to help you focus your studies in a particular area.

Why Benchprep?

Benchprep is one of the most reliable and cost effective companies that can help you prepare and practice for the SAT and other important tests. Its programs are highly effective. Benchprep’s test prep programs are developed by experts, which enable students who make use of them to get their best scores on these exams. Unlike other test prep programs, Benchprep test prep programs are very engaging and effective. This is why you do not feel tired or bored while making use of them.

Our online comparison tool can help you compare Benchprep programs and other companies that offer test prep courses. So before you choose a program, use this free tool to help you pick the most effective prep program.


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