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A Few Basic Tips to Discover The Best Quality Nursing Schools in Utah

Utah is the 13th-largest and the 10th-least-densely populated of all the U.S. states. The state is a center for information technology, transportation, education, and tourism industries. Besides, it also offers a number of learning opportunities for students seeking higher education. Programs are also available in the field of healthcare including nursing.  Irrespective of the fact that Utah is considered as one of the healthiest U.S. states, demand for registered nurses (RNs) in the state is growing due to technological advancements and an aging population.

Nursing Schools in Utah

There are numerous nursing schools in Utah that offer nursing degrees, diplomas and certificates in order to provide students with the relevant skills and knowledge. Pursuing programs in nursing can considerably be useful as healthcare is one of the most prominent sectors in the economy today. Utah is likely to have a shortage of 4,633 RNs by 2020. The demand for licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in the state is also likely to grow between 2010 and 2020.

Students can pursue undergraduate or graduate degree programs that allow them to develop leadership, problem solving as well as communication skills in addition to learning about healthcare practices. RN programs such as the associate and bachelor degrees prepare students to apply for various positions in the field. The advanced degrees including master’s and PhD programs allow students to specialize in a particular field within nursing. Those who seek administrative positions and positions in research and teaching can also pursue the advanced nursing degrees.

Utah nursing schools also offer LPN programs, which are designed for aspiring licensed practical nurses, looking to provide nursing care to patients while working under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses.

Do nursing schools in Utah offer financial assistance?

Utah students who wish to pursue a nursing program can apply for financial assistance in order to finance their education. Eligible students may get funding for their tuition, fee and related educational expenses. Federal, state as well as institutional awards are available to those who qualify. Nursing students in the state can also apply for funds such as:

  • The Baker and Eva Mae Port Scholarship
  • The David and Emma Dolowitz Scholarship
  • Utah Nurses Association Funds
  • The Utah Nurses Foundation Nursing Grant-in-Aid Scholarship
  • Jack & Beverly Whiting Nursing Scholarship

What are the opportunities for graduates?

A registered nurse is considered as one of the 5-star jobs that have the strongest employment outlook and highest wages of all the jobs in Utah (The Utah Foundation).

The employers for nurses in Utah are:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Nursing homes
  • Physicians offices


The median annual pay for LPNs in Utah (2013) was $40,900 (The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - BLS). Utah’s RNs median annual pay was $60,090 in (2013).


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