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Online Accounting Degree in Texas

Texas is known for its large population, natural resources, and a variety of institutes for higher education. The colleges and universities in the state offer a range of learning opportunities for students from all walks of life who have diverse educational goals. In addition to traditional programs, some Texas schools offer online learning options, and this allows students to study from the comfort of their home, workplace, or while on the go.

Online Accounting Degree Texas

Ranging from engineering to arts, education to healthcare, Texas colleges and universities offer numerous programs for students to pursue an education in the field of their particular interest. Students who are interested in pursuing a program in accounting will find a number of options. They may pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees in accounting, and acquire skills essential to be eligible for finance and accounting positions. As some students reside in remote locations, they cannot attend traditional on-campus classes at fixed hours. In the same way, there are some working accounting professionals or others who seek to add to their knowledge in the field, but it is not possible for them to attend regular classes due to busy work schedule. These students are able to enroll in online accounting degree programs in Texas and study from any location and at any time they want. Earning a degree in accounting will help prepare students to pursue opportunities in financial planning, auditing, and consulting.

The coursework in online accounting degree programs is the same as the curriculum in traditional campus-based programs. The difference comes in the method of delivery. Some of the courses students may take in the accounting degree programs include:

  • Accounting
  • Business Strategy
  • General education courses

How do online accounting programs work?

Online accounting programs allow students to study at their own pace and at their individual schedule. They are provided with access to online courses, learning modules, e-textbooks, and tutorials online. Students may also get opportunities to join online communities at their school, at other schools in Texas, and other accounting degree programs across the country. Students may also take advantage of the student community by interacting with them through online forums, which will help students learn in real life settings. Students may also get in touch with their instructors and guidance counselors through email, instant messaging, school chat rooms, and online posting boards. However, before enrolling in an online degree program in accounting, students should know that they must be self-disciplined or else they have problems managing coursework.

Career Opportunities

The following professionals generally hold degrees in accounting and related fields:

  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Bankers
  • Financial analysts
  • Tax advisers

These professionals generally work in payroll services, forensics, education, tax preparation, and manufacturing.

According to O*Net OnLine, there were almost 20,130 financial analysts in Texas in 2012 while the state had about 105,840 accountants during the same year. Employment for both financial analysts and accountants is likely to grow across the state between 2012 and 2022, according to the data from O*Net Online.

What is the earning potential for accountants and related professionals?

According to O*Net OnLine, the median annual pay for accountants in 2013 was $65,000. Financial analysts in Texas earned a median annual income of $77,500 (2013).

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