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Real Estate Schools in Houston

The most populous city in Texas, Houston, is home to over 2 million people. The city’s economy is based on energy, manufacturing, transportation and aeronautics. Houston is also a center for health care and houses numerous Fortune 500 companies. The city offers a number of educational opportunities to cater to the educational and professionals needs of its population from various ethnic and religious backgrounds. Many institutes in the city also offer programs in real estate that prepare students for the industry by equipping them with the knowledge and skills employers seek.

Table of Content
  1. Real estate schools in Houston
  2. Coursework
  3. Employment opportunities

Real estate schools in Houston

Students, who wish to pursue a career in the real estate, need to complete real estate courses and obtain a license as well. Students can choose from a range of real estate classes in the city that would allow them to learn about brokerage, management and sales. These programs will instruct students in a range of subjects such as real estate practices and principles and help them acquire communication and negotiation skills essential to get into the real estate business.

Associate and bachelor degree programs are also available in real estate that generally take 2 and 4 years of full-time study to complete, respectively. But the enrollment status of the students will determine the exact duration.

In addition to the degree-based programs, interested students may take non-degree based courses as well. Certificate programs generally take over six months to one year, to complete.  Furthermore, students may opt for short courses that would help them obtain a real estate license. Online real estate classes are also available in order to help students earn vital credentials even if they cannot make it to traditional on-campus classes.  


Real estate courses instruct students in a number of topics that would help them explore various aspects of real estate and property management issues. Curriculum may include instruction in subjects such as:
  • Real estate legal issues
  • Finance
  • Appraisal and escrow procedures
  • Real estate principles and practices
  • Property management
  • Techniques and practices for property appraisal

Employment opportunities

Real estate professionals such as sales agents and brokers generally work in:
  • Brokerage offices
  • Leasing offices
  • Credit intermediation and related activities
  • State government

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of real estate brokers and sales agents is likely to grow across the nation, including Houston, between 2012 and 2022. The BLS further noted that real estate brokers earned a median hourly wage of $28.05 in 2012, while real estate sales agents earned $18.82. There were about 34,360 real estate sales agents and 4,980 real estate brokers in the state of Texas in 2012, according to the data with O*NET OnLine.


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