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Recognized for its natural resources, large population and leading institutes for higher education, Texas is also known as the Lone Star State. Those who want to pursue higher education in Texas will find a number of opportunities. Ranging from associate’s degrees to doctoral programs, students in Texas could pursue a degree in almost all areas of study. Those who are interested in homeland security careers will find relevant degree programs in the state. Security guards, police officers, and disaster management workers offer safety and protection to people and places. Careers in these fields are challenging as these workers may have to deal with criminals and provide safety by putting their own lives at stake.

Homeland Security Degrees in Texas

Students who are interested in homeland security and careers in the field may choose from a number of degree programs offered in schools in Texas. Associate’s degrees prepare students for entry level employment while bachelor and master’s degrees are suitable for candidates who seek advanced opportunities in the field.

An associate’s degree program may take two years to complete, but may take longer due to the enrollment status of students. A bachelor’s degree generally takes about four years to earn, and a master’s degrees may take between 1-2 years of full time study. Students may choose to pursue a degree in general homeland security, or a specific area such as disaster management, emergency preparedness, fire science, security and terrorism studies, national security, and more. These programs will allow students to look into various aspects of the field and find out how to respond to terrorism, natural disasters, or other large-scale emergencies. Students may also learn how to follow preventative strategies and manage issues in emergency situations. Terrorism and emergency disaster prevention, national security issues, and threats or global safety problems are some of the aspects that students explore in homeland security programs.

Some homeland security programs in Texas are also offered through online programs; allowing students to study without being present in the classes. Students may enroll in these internet-based programs and study from any location following a schedule that suits their individual lifestyle.

Program Coursework

Homeland security degree programs instruct students in a variety of topics that helps them learn how to work in emergency situations or disaster recovery. In addition, they also get lessons about government policy disaster planning and response and related topics. Classes are also available in:

  • Politics and Terrorism Management
  • Computer and Network Security
  • Homeland Security Law
  • Immigration Security

What Do I Need to Enroll in a Texas Homeland Security Program?

To enroll in homeland security Texas programs, students must at least hold a high school diploma or GED, provide official transcripts, and submit letters of recommendation. Graduate programs may require students to submit GRE or GMAT test scores while others may require students to have good writing and interpersonal skills. Other admissions factors may vary by school or type of program.

Homeland Security Jobs in Texas

Homeland security workers may work as police officers, security guards, immigration inspectors, border patrol agents, fire fighters, or hazardous materials workers; and they may work in a number of settings such as security firms, government agencies and investigation and armored car services. Some also work for educational services, healthcare, and social assistance while others are employed by accommodation and food services, government agencies, and private businesses. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), about 77% of hazardous material workers worked in the waste management and remediation services industry in 2012 across the nation. Police and detectives held about 780,000 jobs (2012), and most of them were employed by local governments while others worked for state governments or the federal government, the BLS also notes.

According to data with O*Net OnLine, demand for many homeland security workers including security guards, police officers, and hazardous material removal workers are likely to grow in Texas in the coming years (2012-2022). The state had about 83,010 security guards and 57,110 police officers in 2012. O*Net OnLine projects that there will be a need for another 2,760 police officers and 3,300 security guards a year between 2012 and 2022.

How Much do Homeland Security Workers Earn in Texas?

According to O*Net OnLine, the median annual pay for security guards in Texas was 22,300 (2012). Hazardous material removal workers earned a median of $29,800 a year. Police officers made more than both security guards and hazardous material removal workers, earning $52,400 a year in 2012, according to O*Net OnLine.

States with the highest employment level in this occupation:



Employment per thousand jobs

Location quotient

Hourly mean wage

Annual mean wage

California 16600.111.2618.1337720
Florida 11300.141.6817.9737370
Illinois 9600.161.9217.937240
Texas 7600.070.7816.6234570
New York 6500.070.8520.1241840


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