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Automotive Schools in Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the US. It has massive industries in the field of agriculture, mining, technology and commerce. The state has six university systems and four independent public universities.

It is also home to some of The Best Automotive Schools in Texas, such as the ATI career training center, south Texas technical institute, and Lincoln College of technology automotive. These institutes offer various degrees and programs for students who are interested in joining the automotive engineering industry. Following are some of the programs available:

  • Diploma
  • Associates degree
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Masters degree

Many of the Best Automotive Schools in Texas have a comprehensive curriculum; the main focus of the programs is to teach students the fundamental concepts of automotive engineering. They develop a strong understanding of how automotive components are manufactured and its purposes. They will also learn how to analyze issues and apply automotive solutions. Apart from theoretical knowledge, students also take part in training workshops, where they also get a hands-one training experience on the techniques and procedures used in automotive engineering. Some of the topics covered in the above degrees include the following:

  • Transmission fundamentals
  • Electrical systems
  • Automotive service management
  • Fuel and motor functions

How Long Does It Take to Graduate from an Automotive School in Texas?

There are a number of automotive schools in Texas, such as the Southwest Texas Junior College, Odessa College, Texas State Technical College and South Texas Vocational Institute. Students can choose to enroll in a 1-2 year Automotive Technology Certificate program or a 2-year Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) in Automotive Technology. The curriculum of these programs is designed to train students in the following areas: Engine Performance, Electrical Systems, Engine Repair and Vehicle Maintenance.

What Are the Requirements to Graduate from an Automotive School in Texas?

Students need to complete 60 credit hours in order to obtain an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) in Automotive Technology. The certificate programs require completion of around 24-45 credit hours (depending upon whether it’s a 1-year or a 2-year program).  Students are expected to clear a range of modules including Automotive Engine Performance Analysis, Automotive Suspension and Steering Systems, Microcomputer Applications, Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning, Advanced Emission Systems Diagnostics and Automotive Services.

How Much Can I Make after Graduating from an Automotive School in Texas?

After graduating from an automotive school, students can find employment at repair shops, automobile dealers’ stores, automotive parts/accessories stores and gasoline stations. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the annual median pay of Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics was $40,710 in 2018. In 2018, 770,100 professionals were employed in this field. Thus, this line of work offers rewarding opportunities

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the programs offered in the Automotive College in Texas?

A:Automotive colleges in Texas offer various certificate and degree programs. These consist of a bunch of core courses and electives. Students seeking beginner's level skills and info can opt for the certificate or the associate's degrees, whereas students seeking professionalism should opt for Bachelors in Automotive Studies followed by the Masters program. Students can take any of these degree programs online and finish the course at their own pace.

Q:Can you name some of the best automotive school in Texas that offer undergraduate degrees?

A:Undergraduate automotive degree programs are offered by the following accredited automotive schools in the state of Texas: Capitol City Trade and Technician School, ATI Career Training Center, Lincoln Technical Institute, South Texas Vocational Technical Institute, Universal Technical Institute, Alvin Community College, American Commercial College, Aviation Institute of Maintenance, Austin Community College District, and Brazos port College.

Q:What is the duration of courses offered in the best automotive schools in Texas?

A:There are a number of degrees and courses being offered in some of the best automotive schools in Texas. The duration for each degree differs. For instance, the certificate in automotive technology takes one year or less, the associate's degree takes two years or more, the bachelor's program is for four years, which can be followed by the master's degree in automotive studies and can be completed in another two years.

Q:If I enroll in automotive schools in Texas, what important areas of study will I encounter?

A:Automotive schools offer a range of training programs to students. The course content usually comprises of topics such as the following: automotive transmission systems, customer service skills, shop management skills, braking systems, engine tuning, welding and repair, electrical systems, fuel systems and exhaust, and mathematics. The curriculum of automotive training programs may vary slightly from school to school.

Q:Can you name some of the specializations that automotive engineering schools in Texas offer?

A:Students can opt from a wide range of specialization areas offered at automotive engineering schools in Texas. Some of these include Transmission Analysis, Automotive Interior Engineering, Automotive Design and Automobile Engineering. Other areas of interest comprise of automotive manufacturing, vehicle control systems, vehicle drives and acoustics. You can choose a field that matches your interest and educational background.

Q:Can you explain which practical skills are taught at automotive technician schools in Texas?

A:Students will be taught about ways to assemble and dissect transmissions, engines and transaxles from different vehicles. They will also be trained to diagnose different electrical and mechanical problems while utilizing specialty tools and diagnostic equipment. Technicians will learn about repair issues related to brakes, air conditioning, and suspension and steering.

Q:I am looking for top engineering school in Texas. Can I also find online programs?

A:Yes, if you are looking for top engineering schools in Texas, you may also look for online engineering programs. Online programs can be convenient, as you have to acquire education at home and they are also cost effective in a number of ways. Make sure that you consider the accreditation and repute of an online school before making the final decision.

Q:Can you tell me about colleges in Texas that have automotive programs?

A:Colleges in Texas that have automotive programs offer diplomas as well as associates, bachelors, and master's degree in the field. The duration and subjects of these programs vary according to the level of the degree. Typically you will study automotive engineering concepts, automotive transmission systems, vehicle control systems, and repair etc.

Q:I was reading about bachelors in automotive Texas degrees. Can I earn an automotive degree online?

A:Yes, you can earn a degree in automotive technology online. There are many online schools in Texas that offer specialized degree programs in this field. Online education is growing fast due to convenience, access, and demand for higher education. Now students can fulfill their educational dreams without even having to go to a campus.

Q:What degree do automotive colleges in Texas offer?

A:Automotive colleges in Texas offer varied degree programs, diploma and certifications to its residents that give full knowledge of automotive engineering. You can find associate degree which is of two years as well as a more comprehensive degree that of bachelors. Bachelors in automotive studies is a four year program that covers the subject in detail.

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