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Art Schools in Texas

Texas is the 2nd largest state in the US with more than 26.1 million residents. The state’s economy is one of the largest and most rapidly growing economies in the nation. Technology, healthcare and entertainment are some of the major industries of the state. Forbes has Texas at no. 1 in its list of the Best States for Jobs with employment reaching 10.6 million. The state is home to various art schools that offer programs in a variety of areas of the arts. These schools are dedicated to expand on students’ natural abilities and turning their passion for art into a profession. The BLS reports that employment for graphic designers is anticipated to increase by 13%. Jobs for multimedia artists and animators are also expected to grow. A number of art related professions such as web developers and art directors are considered among the best jobs of 2013 by US News and World Report.

Art Schools in Texas

If you want to become a graphic designer or a web developer, you can potentially come across a good number of choices in Texas. The art schools in the state also offer the programs in the traditional fields such as painting, sculpturing and more. The associate, bachelor as well as master programs are available in different formats. Texas art schools generally have experienced faculty that helps students succeed in college as well as in their post-graduate pursuits.

Types of Programs

The programs in arts provide students with a well-rounded education that helps them acquire knowledge and skills to pursue careers in the arts. Students learn about color, design and textures. In the case of computer-aided art programs such as graphic design, they get to know how to use different software to create visual concepts and advertisements.

Students can enroll in various programs that can prepare them for a career in an art related profession. Programs are available in script development and film production, web design, graphic design, painting, interior design and more. Students can also pursue classes in dance, music and theater.

Careers for Artists

Students with majors in the arts can potentially find job opportunities in TV, radio, advertising or motion picture and video industries. Jobs are also available in software publishers, performing arts, and public relations.

The compensation is subject to location, qualification and experience. Multimedia made a median annual salary of $58,510 a year in May 2010. Other professionals such advertising, promotions, and marketing managers earned a median salary of $108,260 on an annual basis at the same time.

Finding a School

As there are various art schools in Texas, you may have to take several factors into account in order to select one that is suitable. You should consider the accreditation and general reputation of Texas art schools before enrolling in them as choosing the best program can make all the difference in your career. Before you look for a school, it is important to be clear about your educational and professional objectives so that you enroll in the right program. The ideal way to pick the right program is to explore all your options and take into account things such as program structure, fee, duration and other factors.



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