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Ultrasound Schools in Pittsburgh

The second largest city of the state of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh has its economic foundations in sectors like education, healthcare, financial services, robotics and technology. With healthcare and education being the highest economic contributors to the state, academic future of resident students wishing to pursue any medical sciences related field are very bright.

There are various ultrasound technician schools in Pittsburgh offering accredited programs. Ultrasound schools in Pittsburgh are accredited with the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) to award degrees to the students. Here is a list of these accredited institutes to help students decide on their future ultrasound school:

  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Phoenix Online
  • Community College of Allegheny County

Ultrasound schools in Pittsburgh also offer their certificates and degree programs online. These courses take about one year to 18 months for completion, depending on the chosen program. Students can chose their ultrasound program from the below given list of offered courses in Pittsburgh.

  • Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound
  • Associate’s Degree in Ultrasound Technician
  • Associate’s Degree in Sonography Technician and Technology

There are various areas of specializations offered at the above mentioned ultrasound schools in Pittsburgh. These include abdominal diagnostic ultrasound technicians, ophthalmic diagnostic ultrasound technicians, obstetric and gynecological diagnostic ultrasound technicians and breast diagnostic ultrasound technicians.

How Much Time Does It Take to Complete Ultrasound School in Pittsburgh?

A number of schools in Pittsburgh, such as the Pittsburgh Career Institute and the Community College of Allegheny County, are offering Ultrasound programs. Students can admission in an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, which can take up to 24 months to complete. Careers in ultrasound technology are expanding at a rapid rate, so it’s a good time to enroll in such programs.

What Are the Requirements to Graduate from an Ultrasound School in Pittsburgh?

In order to obtain an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, students have to complete around 78.5 credits. The program is usually based on an off-campus integrated clinical component, an on-campus imaging laboratory component, and an on-campus lecture component. Students are required to clear multiple modules including Medical Biology & Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology, Superficial Anatomy, Abdominal Pathology, Obstetrical Pathology, Ultrasound Case Review and Vascular Ultrasound.

What Will I Be Able to Earn after Completing Ultrasound School in Pittsburgh?

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and Cardiovascular Technicians earned $67,080 in annual median income in 2018 as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2018, 130,700 professionals were employed in this field.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:While reading about an ultrasound Pittsburgh institute, I came to the conclusion that this may be a suitable career for me. Can you tell me about more about this career?

A:Medical sonographer and technicians are professions who have acquired training to perform various sonography/radiology procedures. These skilled experts generate sonography images and help doctors diagnose diseases. The demand for such healthcare professionals is growing due to the expanding healthcare industry. There are a number of sub-specialty areas within the broad field of sonography.

Q:What will I learn in sonography schools in Pittsburgh?

A:Pittsburgh is home to a number of renowned sonography schools. You can enroll in all kinds of sonography programs and courses. These courses are aimed at helping students learn about this medical field. The curriculum is designed to equip students with clinical skills and theoretical knowledge about radiology and sonography techniques.

Q:The program offerings in sonography schools are usually what?

A:The program o0fferings you may find in a sonography school are: associate degree in sonography, bachelor degree in sonography, masters degree in sonography, and doctoral programs. Apart from this, many institutes also offer non-degree programs such as certifications and diplomas. You will have to get in touch with the school you plan to enroll in and learn about its program offerings.

Q:My search for top schools recognized in Pittsburgh for ultrasound mentioned a course on Trauma. What is the premise of this course?

A:There would be a mention of a course on Trauma when searching for top schools recognized in Pittsburgh for ultrasound. The course provides an in depth analysis of different types of trauma and aims to prepare students in cardiac and abdominal aorta exam. With the help of this course, students also learn about evaluation of transducer position, target organ identification and vascular access.

Q:I heard about Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography offered by ultrasound schools in Pittsburgh. Can you brief me on it?

A:Many ultrasound schools in Pittsburgh are offering Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. It is a special certification program that gives the student's an in depth knowledge for the job. Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography gives the students introduction to practical applications of sonography, basic general education and medical terminology and anatomy.

Q:I came across schools for Sonography Pittsburgh while searching for a suitable ultrasound programs. Could you please list schools offering this course?

A:Schools for Sonography Pittsburgh is very frequently searched by students looking for more information on this topic. Some of the schools applicants might be interested in are University of Pittsburgh, and Community College Allegheny County. For a more detailed outlook, students can use our website to search for more options.

Q:What is taught at classes at colleges in Pittsburgh for sonography certificates?

A:The certificate program for sonography is offered by a number of colleges in Pittsburgh. The curriculum of the certificate program comprises of topics such as introduction to radiology, physics of sonography, clinical practicum, high resolution sonography, obstetric sonography, abdominal sonography, vascular technology, ultrasound physics, health sciences, technology procedures, abdominal ultrasound, and echo cardiograph.

Q:Name a few popular Pittsburgh ultrasound schools?

A:Pittsburgh is one of the largest cities in the state of Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh has many ultrasound schools and sonography schools that offer training programs and degree programs in health services. The top Pittsburgh ultrasound schools include: Community College of Allegheny County, School of Medicine at University of Pittsburgh, and Bradford School.

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