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Law Schools in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is the 6th most populous US state. It is best known for both the manufacturing and steel industry. Some of the most prominent cities of Pennsylvania are Erie, Allentown, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The state has a very strong economy as it has smoothly made the shift from revival to self-sustaining development.

Law Schools in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania has several law schools that prepare students to pursue a law career that is both rewarding and challenging. These schools have outstanding faculty, attractive campuses and quality academic programs that make them ideal institutes for pursuing a law degree. Recognized nationally and internationally for exceptional service and teaching, earning a law degree in Pennsylvania can lead students to a variety of jobs.

In addition to traditional programs, some law schools in Pennsylvania also offer distance learning programs. These programs are particularly suitable for those who cannot attend regular classes due to busy personal or professional lives.

Types of Programs
Aspiring lawyers can enroll in the Juris Doctor program and earn the valuable credentials required to pursue a career in law. They can specialize in a particular area within law such as child and family advocacy, corporate law, family law, international and comparative law and public law and regulation.

Career Outlook
As the demand for lawyers and the number of related jobs is estimated to grow at the same rate as the average of other occupations, pursuing this line of work can help students achieve their desired income. Lawyers can work in legal services or finance and insurance companies. The income depends on various factors such as the type of employer, experience, qualification and location. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, lawyers can make between $54,000 and $166,000 a year.

Finding a School
There are many law schools in Pennsylvania but not all of them are at par with each other. It is important for aspiring lawyers to pursue programs offered by accredited schools as they have market acceptance. This is why, before enrolling in a law school, students must find out its accreditation status. They should also see the fee structure, program duration, specialties and financial aid options so that they may get into a program that suits their individual goals.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How do I enroll in any of the law schools in PA?

A:There are a number of requirements if you are planning to enroll in any of the law schools in Pa. You will be required to take the LSAT test, take this test one or two years prior to your entry so you also have a chance to retake the test. Law schools also see the GPA of the undergraduate education and look at the trend of grades achieved. A personal statement is also required, which should clearly state the career aspirations and the applicant's achievements.

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