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Engineering Schools in Pa

The state of Pennsylvania has a number of prominent cities including Erie, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. It is well-recognized for its manufacturing and steel industries. Pennsylvania boasts a number of institutes for higher education that offer a wide array of degree programs. Students can benefit from the quality learning opportunities in the state and pursue programs in healthcare, business, management, education and more. Aspiring engineers can also find plenty of schools in Pennsylvania and possibly develop a strong insight into an engineering field of their choice.

Engineering is a vast field and includes various branches such as mechanical, electrical, civil, biomedical engineering and more. The career outlook for engineers is positive as many engineering professions are expected to grow faster than the average of all occupations. According to the BLS, mechanical engineers should experience a demand for engineering, architectural, and related services. This profession is considered as one of the best technology jobs by U.S News and World Report. The job outlook for biomedical engineers is very positive, with a 62% projected growth as reported by the BLS. Getting into engineering schools in Pennsylvania can possibly lead students towards careers in these various engineering-related industries.

Engineering Schools in PA

There are various engineering schools in Pennsylvania that offer different programs in various related fields and help students acquire the knowledge and skills to increase their chances of building a career in the field of their choosing. Students who are interested in different engineering fields such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering or electrical engineering can work towards earning degrees ranging from the associate to the doctorate level. The engineering schools in the state have state-of-the-art facilities and resources that help students hone their skills and have an edge in the competitive market.

Types of Programs

The engineering schools in Pennsylvania offer degrees in almost all areas of engineering. Mechanical, biomedical, electrical, environmental, and civil engineering are among the areas in which students can choose to earn a degree. Programs are also available in other engineering disciplines such as computer science, construction management and biomedical engineering.


The engineering programs cover a variety of courses. The precise curriculum expends on the areas of specialty. Programs in mechanical engineering may include courses in computer-aided design, industrial electricity and quality control while degrees in civil engineering include topics such as cartography, topography, estimating and computer-aided drafting.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates from engineering schools can find jobs in a variety of settings including management, scientific, technical consulting services, architectural and engineering services. Opportunities are also available in medical equipment and supplies manufacturing firms. According to the BLS, Biomedical engineers made $81,540 a year while mechanical engineers were drawing a median salary of $78,160 a year in May 2010.

Finding a School

You should try to enroll in an engineering school that is best suited to your academic and career goals as they can help you acquire knowledge that can improve your prospects in the job market. You should check out the programs available, their fee structure, duration, financial aid, accreditation and other important details and choose a program that best fits your educational and professional objectives.


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