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MBA Programs in Oregon

Known for its diverse landscape, Oregon has emerged as the 3rd fastest-growing economy in the U.S. with prominent industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, information technology and construction. Oregon also offers a range of learning opportunities for students with diverse educational and professional objectives. Enrolling in business degree programs such as master of business administration (MBA) in Oregon can particularly be beneficial for individuals with interest in the business sector, since the state may have numerous opportunities for business graduates in the years to come.


Oregon MBA programs


Oregon has a number of business schools that offer MBA education, enabling students to become familiar with the advanced business concepts and management principles. Earning an MBA may possibly help students apply for senior level management positions and leadership roles in numerous industries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), financial managers, management analysts as well as some human resources professionals hold MBA degrees. In addition, top executives generally hold an MBA as well, the BLS notes.


MBA programs enable students to hone their business, communication, problem solving as well as managerial skills. Students explore advanced business principles and focus their degree in a particular concentration such as finance, marketing, information technology and more.


Types of MBA programs


To cater for the needs of students as well as professionals with varying professional interests,  the state of Oregon offers a number of pathways to pursue an MBA degree. Students may enroll in the traditional MBA program or avail the evening MBA option, keeping in view their individual routine and preference. Executive MBA programs, online MBA programs as well as part-time MBA programs are also available at Oregon business schools. The executive MBA option can particularly be useful for those interested in upgrading their knowledge while the online programs enable students to study without attending majority of the classes on campus.





Students in the MBA programs study a variety of topics that enable them to discover various business and management principles. Some of the topics of study include:


  • Organizational behavior
  • Global strategy
  • Informatics
  • Financial management
  • Strategy and entrepreneurship
  • Financial consulting


Areas of specialization


In addition to covering the core curriculum, students in the MBA programs also get a chance to choose an area of specialization that enables them to develop expertise within a particular business field. Some of the areas in which students may focus their degree are:


  • Human resources
  • Project management
  • Finance
  • Information technology
  • Real estate


Career prospects


According to the BLS, the following professionals may hold an MBA degree:


  • Business consultants
  • Chief executives
  • Top executives
  • Financial managers
  • Human resources managers


This however does not mean that MBA graduates are guaranteed the abovementioned jobs.

Oregon had approximately 3,840 management analysts and 1,980 chief executives in 2012, according to the information with O*NET OnLine. Demand for these professionals, as well as some other business experts including human resources managers in Oregon, is likely to increase between 2012 and 2022.

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