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Patient Care Technician Schools in Ohio

Ohio is the 34th largest state in the US with the 7th largest GDP in the whole country. It is a hub of industry for the country and healthcare is one of the major employers in the state.

A patient care technician is a medical professional responsible for assisting doctors and taking care of patients in multiple healthcare settings. A patient care technician should be skilled in dealing with patient complaints and operating equipment needed to keep patients comfortable.
There are a number of patient care technician schools in Ohio that offer a number of degrees that make an individual eligible for work as a patient care technician. Some of the courses available at patient care technician schools in Ohio include medical terminology, clinical laboratory procedures, Patient Care techniques, Clinical Medical Assisting, Phlebotomy, EKG and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. These courses instruct the students in assessing the body mechanics of a patient and deal with the documentation involved in the healthcare industry.
Once you complete your education for a patient care technician school in Ohio, you can choose to work in a number of healthcare settings including hospitals and private practices. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in May 2012, technicians working in the area of patient care, such as psychiatry had a median annual wage of $30,050, with the possibility of earning over $52,980 as the top ten percent of them doing so.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:While reading about the Patient Care Technician diploma online Ohio programs, I came across EKG. Can you please tell me more about it?

A:The Patient Care Technician diploma online Ohio programs have EKG courses. EKG is the abbreviation for Electrocardiography. Electrocardiography can be identified as the interpretation and study of the transthoracic nature. This interpretation is used to monitor and visualize the activities and movements of the heart, over a designated period of time. The diagrams that are made out of this procedure are known as electrocardiogram and are abbreviated ECG.

Q:What main courses are studied in classes for Patient Care Technician in Ohio?

A:Patient care technician classes in Ohio cover a range of courses that equip students with the required skills and knowledge of this profession. A few of the topics studied include the following: EKG, medical terminology, nursing process, phlebotomy, ADL’s, team member skills, anatomy, safety in medical settings, disease processes, nutrition, vital signs, patient charting, and many more.

Q:While I was reading information on how to become a PCT in Ohio, I came across the mention of Bachelor of Health Care Administration. What are the core courses in the program.

A:While searching on how to become a PCT in Ohio, search often leads to the program Bachelor of Health Care Administration because it is one of the best programs being offered in the field. The core courses include nursing informatics, home health care administration, financial management of health care organizations, global health issues, health care statistics, health insurance claims management and legal aspects of health care.

Q:How can I become a PCT in Ohio?

A:There are number of courses, diplomas and degree programs in Ohio with which you can pursue your career as a Patient Care Technician (PCT). A patient care technician is one who assists doctors and physicians in healthcare settings. You will be studying clinical lab processes, medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology.

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