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Business Administration Programs in Hamilton

About Hamilton
The city of Hamilton is located in the southwest region of the state of Ohio. It is an important industrial and economic center of the region. The city prides itself for providing award winning public services including excellent health and safety systems. Hamilton has been nicknamed as the ‘City of Sculpture’ because of the beautiful art sculptures on display across the city.Business Courses

Business courses are generally taught as part of business administration degrees. There are three types of business administration degrees:

  • Associate’s degree
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree
All three degrees are intended to teach methods and techniques of effective business management. Associate’s degree is an introductory level degree while the master’s degree is a highly specialized advanced level program. Apart from these degree programs there are a lot of institutions which offer short business courses in Hamilton as well.Business Courses Hamilton

Business courses in Hamilton are offered by a number of schools and colleges. Here is a list of some of the more prominent and well recognized institutions:
  • Miami University - Hamilton Campus
  • Public Education Complex
  • Butler Tech
  • Hamilton College

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the general admission requirements for business administration programs in Hamilton?

A:The general admission requirements for business administration programs vary from college to college. If you're planning to enroll in an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, you will be required to have a High School Diploma with satisfactory grades in all subjects (a minimum of C Grade). If you're pursuing an MBA, then you will be required to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration or a relevant field with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 or higher (may vary from college to college). Some schools may require applicants to submit a letter of recommendation and also pass an entry test.

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