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Founded in 1796, Cleveland has a diverse economic base with a number of prominent sectors including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and biomedical services. A number of large companies have their headquarters in the city such as:

  • Forest City Enterprises
  • Sherwin-Williams Company
  • Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
  • First Energy
  • KeyCorp
  • Nacco Industries
  • Aleris International, Inc.
  • Cleveland-Cliffs

Colleges in Cleveland

The city has many colleges and universities that offer programs in a variety of areas of study. You can possibly pursue a college degree by choosing from a wide range of disciplines such as healthcare, IT, biotechnology, engineering, administration, business and more.

As healthcare, medical services and computer technology-related jobs in Northeast Ohio are becoming more popular, pursuing programs in medical assisting, nursing, medical billing, physical therapy and related fields can have better prospects for your career. In addition to these, degrees in information technology can also be suitable for students in Cleveland seeking study opportunities in the city.

The region is also experiencing employment-related growth due to emerging biotech and oil industries. So degrees in engineering and biotechnology can be considerably useful for students who are interested in working in these sectors.

Financial Aid Programs at the Schools in Cleveland

Students who have limited financial resources can apply for funding options such as grants, student loans and scholarships. Some of these financial aid programs are:

  • Ohio College Opportunity Grant
  • Choose Ohio First
  • Richard Eaton Scholarship
  • Voyager Scholarship

What are the fastest growing industries in Cleveland?

A majority of Cleveland’s workforce was employed in the trade/transportation/utilities sector. The dynamics of the job market have changed significantly during the last few years bringing about a demand for candidates with more advanced skills. Most of the qualified candidates are finding jobs in the industries with high growth rates. The fastest growing industries that are actively hiring in Cleveland, include:

  • Medical care
  • Full-service restaurants
  • Employment services
  • Management of companies and enterprises

According to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, these industries are expected to create between 32,000 and 100,000 new jobs during the period from 2010 to 2016.  Among health care providers, private health care is expected to add about 25,200 positions, home health care services totaling 22,800 and offices of physicians adding 15,600 jobs during the projected period.

Sought-After Jobs

According to The Examiner, the job outlook for healthcare, customer service, sales, finance, and accounting and operations professionals is improving. Prospects are also bright for entrepreneurs, especially those in the technology sectors. Certified Public Accountant positions in health care, engineering, technology, education and research are coveted jobs in Cleveland. Professionals in technology/biotech industries are also in high demand. The manufacturing sector, however, does not have many opportunities and has let go of workers in the past few years.

So if you want to have a career in Cleveland in fields that you are interested in as well as are related to sectors actively contributing to the economy, explore college programs in healthcare, biotechnology, accounting, technology and related fields.

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