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RN to BSN Programs in Nc

The Tar Heel State is the 10th most populous state. The state is home to many institutes of higher learning and offers various academic programs to students with varied professional interests. Pursuing healthcare programs such as nursing can be suitable for students in North Carolina as healthcare is one of the most prominent sectors in the state. Nurses are the single largest segment of North Carolina’s healthcare workforce. Demand for nurses in the state is expected to grow in the coming years as a result of an aging population and an increasing number of nurses retiring from work.

RN to BSN Programs in NC

Nursing schools in North Carolina are aware of the growing demand for registered nurses (RNs) and therefore offer a variety of training programs to prospective RNs. Those who already hold a registered nurse title can pursue the RN to BSN program in order to improve their career prospects by acquiring advanced skills in nursing. The bachelor’s program can particularly be useful for those who intend to apply for administrative positions as well as RNs who intend to apply for teaching and research positions.

In addition to traditional RN to BSN programs, nursing schools in North Carolina also offer online and hybrid programs, enabling students to study from the comfort of their home, make their own study schedule, etc.


Covering a range of topics, RN to BSN programs enable students to learn about nursing practices and acquire skills that allow them to learn to work with other healthcare professionals and provide safe medical care to diverse populations. Common courses include:

  • Nutrition
  • Physiology and anatomy
  • Microbiology
  • Research design and methods
  • Health assessment
  • Nursing theory and practice
  • Healthcare management
  • Nurse leadership

In addition to classroom based instruction, students may also have to complete a supervised clinical experience as a part of their bachelor’s program.

What are the opportunities for graduates?

In most counties in North Carolina, health care generally represents one of the biggest employers in the community. Nurses work in a number of settings, including schools, hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory care, workplaces, and community centers.


North Carolina RNs earned a median annual income of $58,500 in 2013, according to O*NET OnLine.

What financial aid options are available for nursing students in NC?

Nursing students in North Carolina can apply for financial aid in case they cannot pay for their educational expenses on their own. However, only the eligible students are offered a financial aid package. Financial assistance programs such as grants, scholarships and student loans allow eligible students to pay for their fee, tuition and related expenses. Some of the financial aid options North Carolina students can benefit from are:

  • The Eunice M. Smith Scholarship
  • The Carol Ann Beerstecher Nursing Scholarship
  • The Judy Knox Scholarship
  • The Loretta Ford Scholarship
  • Pell Grants
  • Federal student loans

The state’s healthcare workforce is growing; if you want to be a part of it, you will need to complete the required nursing education and get licensed.

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