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North Carolina is located in the United States. The capital city of this state is Raleigh. North Carolina’s economy mainly depends on engineering, biotechnology and finance sectors. North Carolina Department of Public Instruction governs the elementary and secondary public schools in this state. The state is also home to various nursing schools and colleges.

As the demand for medical professionals across the country is on the rise, students can potentially acquire skills that are highly demanded in the medical sector by getting into Nursing Schools in NC. These institutes offer basic level to advanced level training programs for aspiring nurses. You can enroll in an associate, bachelor or master’s degree program depending on your own career aspirations. Some of the courses included in programs offered at Nursing Schools in North Carolina are:

  • Primary Healthcare
  • Clinical Nursing Practice
  • Pharmacology
  • Physiology
  • Anatomy
  • Health Optimization

In addition to this, aspiring nurses can also opt for a concentration to specialize in. Graduates can possibly work in labs, doctor’s offices, clinics or hospitals once they earn a nursing licensure. They can possibly earn competitive salaries as well. For instance, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the median annual wage of registered nurses is $65,470 as of May 2012. The exact figure depends upon the individual's qualification, experience and designation.

How much do nurses make in North Carolina

how much do nurses make in North Carolina Source: O*NET OnLine

Registered nurses in North Carolina in 2013 earned a median annual salary of $58.500 or $28.12 per hour. RNs nationally earned a median annual income of $66.220 or $31.84 per hour, in 2013


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the most common programs I will find at Nursing Schools in South Carolina?

A:Nursing schools in South Carolina are dedicated to providing quality education in the academic of nursing. If you wish to become a registered or certified nurse, you can choose from a variety of nursing programs available here. Most common nursing programs you will come across include the LPN program, RN program, bachelor of science in nursing, and a master of science in nursing.

Q:Where can I easily find lists for the top nursing schools in North Carolina?

A:You can go online and search through popular websites that provide rankings for all kinds educational institutes. An online search is the easiest to conduct and will not take much time. You can refine your search and look for institutes in all regions across the state. Many schools now provide reliable information through their official websites.

Q:What are the eligibility requirements for enrolling in the best nursing schools in NC?

A:If you are thinking of becoming a registered nurse by getting admission in some of the best nursing schools in North Carolina, you have to first acquire a high school diploma or an equivalent such as a GED. You can certainly increase your chances of getting into the best nursing schools in this state if you score as high a GPA as possible as well as get a good score on your SAT or ACT.

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