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Trade Schools in New Jersey

There are several training programs offered at the trade schools in New Jersey that can prepare students for related careers. These schools offer courses that allow students to hone skills useful to pursue particular fields. Students can get into the technical programs or work towards courses in healthcare to acquire knowledge and skills in a short span of time and pursue a career in the field of their interest.

Trade Schools in New Jersey

The trade schools in New Jersey are well-known for their experienced faculty, student services and quality learning programs. Students in these schools get a chance to receive hands-on training and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow’s workplace.

A number of programs are available at the trade schools in NJ. Students can enroll in healthcare training programs or opt for technical courses. Some of the programs offered at the trade schools are paralegal studies, massage therapy, nursing, and graphic design. The ones who want to become computer technicians also find also repair, culinary arts, and medical transcription. Hotel management, drafting, architectural computer-aided drafting and medical assistant programs are also available.

Online Programs

Some trade schools in NJ also offer online courses to help students and working professional acquire skills and knowledge from their offices or homes. These programs are self-paced and more affordable than traditional certificate or degrees. Students also get to save time and money as they can study without being physically present in the classes. Working adults who want to advance their skills and knowledge related to a particular area can benefit from the online programs offered at the trade schools in the state.

Financial Aid

Some trade schools in NJ offer financial aid. The ones who cannot pursue a program at a trade school due to limited funds can apply for financial assistance. Students may avail funding for their educational expense in the form of scholarships, loans and various other financial assistance options. To apply for financial assistance, students may need to meet the eligibility requirement and file the FAFSA application.


There are several trade schools in the state of New Jersey but not all of them are equally good. Students must look for the accredited institutes as these schools offer quality training programs and follow the best industry standards.

Admissions Requirements

To enroll in the programs offered at the trade schools in New Jersey, students need to hold a high school diploma or an equivalent. They may also have to submit letters of recommendation and appear for interview. Other admissions’ factors may vary by school.

Career Prospects

Earning degrees and certificates from trade schools may help students become medical assistants, cooks, medical transcriptionist, data entry operators or office clerks. Some programs may also allow students to qualify to become physical therapists, massage therapists or photographers.

The income of these workers may vary by type of job, location and experience. According to the BLS, the median annual wage for related skilled technicians such as welders in 2012 was $36,300 and the median annual wage for medical assistants was $29,370.


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