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Bookkeeping Schools in New Jersey

About New Jersey
The state of New Jersey is located on the North Eastern shore of America along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The state has been nicknamed ‘The Garden State’ because it is known for producing high quality tomatoes, peaches and blueberries. A beautiful beach and other natural attractions make it a highly desirable state to live in.Bookkeeping courses

Bookkeeping is a term used for record keeping of all financial transactions of an organization. Bookkeeping is necessary to keep track of an organizations money matters and provides all the information needed to make financial reports and projections. Bookkeeping courses teach students the basic accounting and bookkeeping principles including balance sheets, credit and debit principles etc. Most courses include training on book keeping software as well. Course duration varies depending upon the school, but usually the duration does not exceed 1 year.Bookkeeping schools in New Jersey
There are a number of bookkeeping schools in New Jersey. Some of the more prominent ones are:

  • Berkley College
  • Harris School of Business
  • University of Phoenix
  • Eastwick College
  • The college of New Jersey
  • CDM Institute
There is no accreditation agency for bookkeeping schools in New Jersey, however, students who have successfully completed any bookkeeping course and has a professional working experience of over two years can apply for a certification from the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. Certification is granted after clearance of an exam.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How can I find affordable bookkeeping schools NJ?

A:If you want to find affordable bookkeeping schools NJ, you can do a bit of research by visiting bookkeeping schools' websites and also contact their admission offices for details. You can also consider going for the online bookkeeping schools. Online programs are cost effective as they normally charge lesser tuition fees, and you save on other costs such as travelling and textbooks.

Q:After graduating from bookkeeping colleges in New Jersey, can I find a job easily?

A:Bookkeepers are required in almost every kind of organization. These experts manage financial statements, inventory, and ledgers. Every organization, large or small, has a finance department to manage finances. You can seek work as an entry level bookkeeper and work your way to the top. Take a look at our page to get more information.

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