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Minnesota MBA

The state of Minnesota is known for its quality of life, educational opportunities, infrastructure, transportation, and a vibrant economy. CNBC has ranked the state 11th in the nation for business (2012). Manufacturing, clean technology and renewable energy, financial and insurance services and health care are some of the prominent industries in Minnesota. Since the state has a diverse economic base, completing an MBA program in Minnesota may possibly lead students to suitable employment opportunities.

Minnesota MBA programs

A number of business schools in Minnesota offer MBA degree programs in a variety of specializations that enable students to acquire skills and knowledge in all business areas. Some of these schools also offer online MBA programs. The online option provides students with flexibility, enabling them to work while pursuing an MBA degree.

Typically, an MBA degree can be completed in 1-3 years. Students may pursue this degree full- time, or part-time. Executive MBA programs are offered to mid-level executives or others with substantial work experience in business. These programs are offered during evenings and on weekends.

MBA coursework

MBA students study a range of topics that allows them to develop communication, problem-solving as well as leadership skills in addition to developing business acumen. They study business theory in-depth and also apply it in practical situations. Some MBA programs may therefore require their students to complete an internship before graduation.

Some of the topics of study may include:

  • Global strategy
  • Informatics
  • Marketing
  • Organizational behavior
  • Financial management
  • Strategy and entrepreneurship
  • Financial consulting

In addition to general coursework, MBA programs also give students the choice of specializing in a particular area of study such as finance, project management, marketing, information technology and more.

Admissions and financial aid

To enroll in an MBA program in Minnesota students must hold a bachelor’s degree and meet work experience requirements as well. Applicants may also be required to submit GMAT scores and provide letters of recommendation. Other admissions requisites may vary by school and type of program.

Admitted students who qualify for financial aid, may be awarded a financial aid package to help them finance their studies.

Career prospects for MBA graduates in Minnesota

An MBA degree does not guarantee a job in the field of business. However, MBA graduates generally assume roles as top executives, finance managers or human resources managers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), some senior-level jobs in human resources require an MBA degree. Finance managers as well as top executives may also hold MBA degrees.

In Minnesota, there were about 9,000 top executives in 2012, according to O*NET OnLine.  The state also had about 14,180 financial managers and 7,630 marketing managers, the same source further noted.  Employment of these business professionals is expected to grow between 2012 and 2022.


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