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Engineering Schools in Michigan

Michigan has a number of institutes for higher education that offer programs in a variety of areas of study such as healthcare, education, business, management and more. These postsecondary educational institutes also offer degrees in the field of engineering. Engineers work in numerous fields, analyzing, developing and evaluating large-scale, complex systems. They create new projects or improve and maintain current systems. Becoming an engineer can be a good career choice as many engineering professions are expected to grow faster than the average.

Engineers with expertise in biomedical engineering can expect 27% job growth from 2012 to 2022 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jobs for civil engineers are also expected to grow faster than the average of all occupations, according to the BLS. Some engineering professions such as mechanical engineer make one of the Best Technology Jobs, according to U.S. News and World Report. So if you have good problem-solving, communication and analytical skills, becoming an engineer can be a good choice.

Engineering Schools in Michigan

There are various engineering schools in the state of Michigan that prepare students for working towards developing careers in a number of engineering fields. Many engineering schools are ranked among the top engineering institutes in the nation by the U.S New and World Report. Students in these schools can work towards the undergraduate or graduate degrees and gain the knowledge required to become an engineer. These schools have quality faculty as well as wide range of degree options that help students choose a program according to their individual educational and professional goals. They also have the latest facilities that help learners benefit from a quality education which is very important for being successful the current job market.

While selecting a program, students should check out the general ranking and the type of faculty a school has. As the choice of the school can make all the difference in students’ careers, they should explore all their options and settle for suitable programs.

Types of Programs

Michigan’s engineering schools offer degrees in a range of fields including petroleum engineering, nuclear engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and architectural engineering to name a few. Programs are also available in environmental engineering as well as automotive engineering.

Classes are available in morning as well as evening schedules. Students can pursue the 4-year bachelor’s degree or a 2-year master’s programs. Though, the exact duration of these programs can be less or more, as per the route that students decide to take. Some schools in the state also offer online programs that can be suitable for learners who cannot attend regular classes. The online degrees allow students to study from their homes or any other location and earn a degree at their own pace.

Employment Opportunities

Engineers can possibly find employment opportunities in a variety of industries such as architectural, engineering, and related services. They can also try to find work in medical equipment and supplies manufacturing, scientific research and development services. Compensation is subject to the area of specialty as well as job location. According to the BLS, biomedical engineers earned $86,960 as median annual pay in May 2012, and mechanical engineers and civil engineers made respective yearly median salaries of $80,580 and $79,340 at the same time.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What programs are typically offered by Engineering Colleges in Michigan?

A:Engineering colleges offer a range of engineering degree programs at associate, bachelor, and masters level. Some schools are also offering doctorate programs in this field. Engineering is a broad academic discipline that comprises of numerous branches such as the following: chemical engineering, civil engineering, etc. You can specialize in any field of engineering depending on your interest and career goals.

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