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Art Schools in Michigan

Located in the Great Lakes region of the Midwestern U.S, the state of Michigan boasts numerous colleges and universities that offer programs in a variety of areas of study. These institutes of higher education offer graduate, undergraduate as well as PhD programs in healthcare, engineering, criminal justice and education to name a few choices. The state is home to some good art schools as well that offer degrees and certificates in various areas related to the arts.

Students with imaginative and creative abilities can pursue certificates and degrees in the arts. They can enroll in Michigan’s art schools that facilitate students in pursuing both traditional art careers as well as computer-based art professions. Numerous arts-related job opportunities are expected to be created in the coming years as according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment for web developers is expected to grow by 20% from 2012 to 2022. Jobs for self-employed producers and directors are also expected to grow. Graphic designers can also expect growth with their sector, with 7% increase in the number of related jobs.

Art Schools in Michigan

Aspiring artists such as painters, sculptors, graphic designers and animators can find several programs in the state of Michigan that can hone their skills and help them launch a career in an art-related field of their choice. Michigan’s art schools have experienced faculty that helps students acquire the knowledge and skills to have an edge in the competitive job market. These schools also offer financial aid options to help the eligible students get funding for their education.

Admissions Requirements

A high school diploma or GED is required to enroll in the art programs in Michigan. Candidate must also have a strong portfolio that can demonstrate the quality and range of their work. In addition, they may have to provide letters of recommendations and appear for an interview. Other admissions requirements may vary by school.

Types of Programs

Michigan’s art schools offer programs in painting, graphic design, drawing, sculpture, as well as animation. Students can also pursue programs in fashion and media arts. Architecture, ceramics and visual designs are some other disciplines students can pursue at the art schools in the state. Students can work towards the associate, bachelors or master’s degrees in a field of their choice.

In addition to campus-based programs, some art schools also offer programs in the online format. These schools provide flexible learning formats that help students set a pace depending on their individual schedules. The distance learning programs can particularly be useful for those who want to switch careers without making major changes to their existing professional commitments.

Career Opportunities


Artists such as graphic designers and web developers can potentially work in advertising, motion picture and video industries. They can also possibly find jobs in public relations, radio and television broadcasting.

Interior designers can try to work with specialized design services or architectural, engineering, and related service. Building material and supplies dealers as well as Furniture and home furnishings stores also hire these professionals.

According to the BLS, the median salary of multimedia artists was $61,370 a year in May 2012, while interior designers took home a median annual income of $47,600.



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