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Real Estate Classes in Boston

If real estate business interests you, then consider enrolling in a real estate program. These academic courses will help you learn about the real estate industry, practices, and other areas that will help you prepare for a career in the field. A variety of real estate classes are offered in the schools in Boston, and they may be suitable for students as well as working professionals in the real estate industry.

Real Estate Classes in Boston

Real estate professionals such as sales agents and brokers generally have a high school diploma, but some also hold college degrees. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as the competition in the real estate market has increased, employers nowadays prefer to hire candidates with college credentials. Students interested in the real estate field may want to consider enrolling in undergraduate degree programs. These programs generally take four years of full time study to complete, and students gain foundational knowledge in the field. Master’s degree programs are also offered by a number of schools in Boston, and these may be ideal for students seeking leadership positions.

According to the BLS, most appraisers of residential real estate property must have at least an associate's degree to obtain the entry-level state license. Appraisers of more complex real estate property need to hold a bachelor's degree to get licensure.

Students in real estate programs learn about real estate practices and principles, and acquire a number of skills essential to launch a career in this field. They also learn how to apply theoretical and analytical concepts to real estate lending, investment, and development. Some programs may include instruction in areas such as new urbanism concepts, real estate investment and appraisal, and real estate law.

Real Estate Certificate Programs

Some schools in Boston also offer real estate certificate programs. Students could earn a certificate in commercial real estate, real estate finance, facilities management program, and in a number of other areas. Certificate programs in real estate may take six months to complete, and they provide instruction for students in a number of areas. The program curriculum depends on the type of program in which students enroll.

Real Estate Professional Development Classes

Professional development programs are also offered in some of the schools in Boston. Some of these programs are designed for students seeking basic knowledge in the field while others are meant for real estate professionals who wish to acquire additional knowledge. Ranging from mortgage financing to real estate law, students will cover a variety of areas in these programs. Real estate continuing education classes are also available for students who seek to stay abreast with the latest developments and changes in the real estate industry.

Online Real Estate Classes in Boston

Students who cannot attend regular on-campus classes due to any reason may consider the online learning option. A number of elearning programs are used in these online real estate programs; allowing students to study at their own pace. Online classes may be suitable for students who are self-motivated because they will not have set deadlines like they would with on-campus classes.

What Courses will I Study?

A number of topics are covered in real estate degree programs allowing students to become familiar with property management and real estate practices and principles. Coursework may include topics such as:

  • Property management
  • Mortgage-backed securities and markets
  • Real estate management
  • Appraisal and escrow procedures
  • Property management
  • Urban planning

Classes are also available in law, finance, and business administration. In addition to core courses, real estate programs may allow students to complete electives such as financial management, development and the environment, and design and development economy.

Requirements for Admission

Students who want to take real estate classes may need to meet some of the following requirements:

  • Have a high school diploma, GED, or a bachelor’s degree
  • Submit GRE or GMAT scores
  • Provide recommendation letters

Some programs may require candidates to have work experience while others may need students to demonstrate leadership skills.

What are the Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals?

Students who successfully complete real estate classes may sit for the state licensing exam for real estate agents. Salespersons, brokers, and real estate appraisers generally hold degrees in the field and work in the offices of real estate agents and brokers. Some also work in:

  • Activities related to real estate
  • Local government, excluding education and hospitals
  • Credit intermediation and related activities
  • State government


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